Depression and anxiety


Hi guys! I’m on here to try to get some help with dealing with depression and anxiety.


Talk to a doctor and a counselor. That is going to be your best bet.


Actually I am in therapy and do talk to a doctor. Just wanted to possibly talk to people who deal with this as well!


Welcome Evelyn! I don’t pretend to know everything about dealing, but these are the things that help me:

  1. journaling (when I remember 😏)
  2. I have a strong faith. Knowing God is in control even when I feel out of control is comforting to me)
  3. I am on Klonopin also
  4. go for a walk
  5. talking with a friend that understands my life
  6. listen to / play music that uplifts the spirit
  7. create something - I enjoy all kinds of crafts
    My daughter cleans or weeds when she is depressed.
    I know some people workout or run when they are depressed. I have other conditions that make these things difficult for me so I usually cannot do more than walk.
    Never loose sight of the BIG picture, though, because that can lead to harming yourself. The next day MAY be better - always hang onto that hope.
    Get on here if you have no one close by. That is the good part about this - we are there for each other.
    I hope this helps.


Hugs. I am dealing with depression also. I have always had depression in the winter but now have it year round. They recently changed my medicine to see if it would help. I see a counselor also. Though wish it was more often.


Try not to isolate yourself. Do simple things that you enjoy.


So little history about myself. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 22-23. I was in an abusive relationship but I made the step and got out. A few years after I met my husband and we have been together since then going on almost 18 years. I have 3 beautiful, amazing girls who have been my light in this ugly tunnel I see myself in sometimes.

I’ve been in therapy all these years, every time with new meds. Everything that I used to love doing…planting, crafts, cooking, I don’t have interest anymore. I used to love to escape reality in a good book. Things have happened in my life and with my family that has made me question my faith. Today I try to regain it slowly because I see things working in my favor that only god knows I need.

Currently I am on lexapro, klonopin, and ramaron and it’s a struggle. I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and am constantly being told that explains my depression and anxiety. Well I’m waiting to see as soon as I get the machine to see if it will. Im not here for you guys to feel sorry for me I just want a group that relates to what we go through on a daily basis.

I have lost interest in everything. My physical appearance, whether my home gets cleaned and even my marriage. I don’t want to feel like this anymore I want to be myself again. I’m making this year about me and starting to worry about me. So you can say I’m taking a step!


Hi…its very difficult having depression and anxiety.I pray and go to,mass. I’m from WASHINGTON STATE. I,moved to Omaha Nebraska a year ago leaving every thing I,loved to be near my oldest son and his family…I never see he works a) the time. I never see my grandchildren…I went into the hospital three times in four months when I first got here as I was living in,my sons basement for 3 months before I got an apt…I felt like no one loved me…
I felt forgotten …
I felt misunderstood. I have had depression for years but am doing ok. I’m,on,lexapro and try only to pray for my son and his family.,otherwise I go,to the senior center…
Im going to start swimming an indoor pool. Try to find anything outside yourself to do. But you must look within first.
God is always there with us if we would just turn to him
He’s waiting for us to,love him
He already loves us.
May the peace of God surround you and keep you safe.
Try and figure out what is making you so sad. Once you do that you can figure a lot out…


Thank you! That is exactly why I decided to join this group. To find people who go through the same thing and get ideas of how everyone handles it. Thank you for your ideas. God bless.


Sleep apnea does not explain your depression. I have depression year round for many years even years before I was diagnosed with dysthymia (mild chronic depression) that can get worse but seldom gets any better.
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2010. Sleeping with the CPAP has not improved my depression.
The poor quality sleep may have contributed to it though.
I now have a more severe depression can’t think of what my clinic has it listed as at this moment.
I find it hard to enjoy things I used to also.
I find solitaire computer games helpful. Not as a way to isolate myself but as a way to refocus on something that makes me think which helps me see life differently.


Hi I also have depression & anxiety. I’m on Prozac, abilify, & trazadone. I feel like it’s helping me. I used to stay all day & night in bed .now I get up. I used to get ECT buI st I stopped it because it wasn’t helping. People tell me to get off my medications. but I keep taking them. I hope it gets better for you.


Hello. I have had depression for the past 12 yrs. Since 2007.Don’t people understand u can’t just stop taking your meds. Clearly they don’t know what that does to a person. That’s dangerous, become suicidal. Don’t stop your meds unless your doctor says u can.


You are not alone. I got involved with CR several years ago along with an out treatment center. 80% of their clients, once clean are found to have been self medicating a previously undiagnosed mental illness.


Hi. I just had a sleep study done last Wednesday…I,have to wait 7 days to see the results…I find it very difficult to believe sleep apnea causes anxiety and depression…I have had anxiety and depression for a very long time…I,usually don’t think about it…I just keep on going through life…I have a very bad memory from all the meds they have had me on for so many years…and Alzheimer’s doesn’t run in,my family
I,use to like playing slots on my computer but don’t have any online games. Keep writing here. Even though this is,my second day here I like reading all the information and difficulties everyone has as it makes me see what might be helpful to,me or maybe by writing back I could help someone…


Nothing beats a skilled professional. I floundered until I was able 2get a real psychiatrist. This didn’t happen when I had Medicaid. Unfortunately Medicaid only get a real psychiatrist if placed on a psych hold because of a crisis at the ER. But a good psychiatrist is worth their weight in gold. Probably why appointments with mine are 5-6 weeks apart. But don’t give up! There is light T the end of the proverbial tunnel, and it isn’t always an oncoming Express freight. If I can help,


A relationship with our creator/god is invaluable, especially if you make word time a priority. Blessings!


Hi Evalyn sleep apnea can cause tiredness which can leave you feeling that nothing seems interesting as well as depression. I slowly got into some new interests. I do history research on family. Some gardening (everything is in pots outdoors) and volunteer for VOA which help people with all mental diagnosis. I know anxiety and depression are difficult on us but I try to keep in mind that it is difficult to those that are closest to us.


When you sleep your body produces neurotransmitters that help with mood. If you aren’t sleeping well you produce less of these. Just like exercise produces neurotransmitters that help with mood. Lack of sleep can contribute to pain also. Treating sleep disorders are important to help with depression but if you have major depressive disorder that alone is not enough.


My counselor had me do a homework assignment on values. Then today we picked one small goal to work on. I also got a cat. Which gives me some companionship, a feeling of helping because she is from a rescue and because it gives me a reason to get up to take care of her.


Hi… Thanks for the thought. Never knew that about neurotransmitters…I used to,just have depression in the winter being from Washington state where you have nice springs and summers. Then it plunges into rain and clouds and wind and it my mood would just plummet…my psychiatrist always changed my meds in the winter time and spring time… As the seasons changed there. Now I’m,in,Omaha Nebraska and there are MAJOR changes in the weather patterns…I hope you can get your doc to tweak your meds to help you…mine always knew what to do…as I had been with him for 15 years…now I have a new dog for a year who doesn’t know me that well
So,I’m doing the best I can…I,hope I don’t have sleep apnea as I don’t want to wear a mask…