Depressed & Alone

Hi im Bill , Vietnam era Veteran , 65 & Divorced ,with PTSD , no Friends or family , live alone , can’t work , I’m looking for someone ( Lady C) like me , ISO ,A REAL FRIEND.


Hi I’m 62 and I remember my dad watching the news on the Vietnam war. I was about 12 or 15.
How did you become a vet if you were so young?

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Hi I got your message , I entered the U S ARMY in 3-30-73 & served 9 years & 10 months , two months short of 10 years , because my , now ex wife , interference with a deployment (exercise) mission , lost rank $ , & barred from reenlistment , she screwed up my life .

Oh I’m sorry…I know how it feels to have a messed up life…

What is IOS?

Not IOS , it’s ISO it means ,in search of .

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Oh ok

Hi Bill, firstly I would like to Thank You for your service and sorry everything got messed up for you.
I’m Angel and I am happily married, will be 54 in February. But I am looking for new friends.
Cheer up buttercup you will find your lady.
If you allow me to I am a good fit for true friends. My ex was in the Navy and my current husband was in the Marines but that got messed up too like he was never there.
God Bless you!

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OMG ! To much response ,just because I spill my guts , are you kidding me ? Everyone seems to be a life coach (OMG) ,IF FINISHED TXTING , & TO THE PERSON NAMED ( ANGEL ) ,. WELL MY DAUGHTER’S NAME IS ANGEL & I haven’t seen her in 25 years !! Thanks that hurt !!! I’m DONE …

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I don’t think that "Angel " purposely meant to hurt you. I’m sad your hurting so badly

Sounds like me . I’m 31 and married but I have PTSD and Borderline …and push people away for some odd reason… I always need a friend or just someone too understand… my therapist is about the only social interaction I get lately.