Deleted meds should not be deleted from past history

I deleted a med then saw it erased it from all my past history that I took it. had to recreated to mark it inactive and put in the start date and end date but it still was not shown in past history

Either when we delete the med do not delete from all just from present day onward. Or when we add an inactive med with start date and end date add it back to our past history as taken.

Also be nice to print a report off taken meds and skipped meds to show doctor with notes.


Thanks for sharing here @LadyStarlea!

I’m so sorry for the issues with deleting a med. The “inactive” option is designed to preserve the adherence history of a med that you’re no longer taking. The “delete” option removes all info related to that med, including adherence.

It sounds like you’re familiar with marking meds as “inactive”, but here’s a link to step-by-step instructions (just in case):

I found a related topic to your suggestion for generating a report of taken/skipped meds. Feel free to share your support in the topic below:

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