Delayed notifications and reminders

My phone use to alert me at a certain time now it alerts me 4 minutes late anyone know why?


Idk every since the last update it’s been off


Call the maker of your phone, I’ve found if you can figure it out, friends, cell geek etc go to the maker, after all they know more than anyone on your particular device


Hi @bobbyd! The CareZone app controls the scheduling of your med reminders, but the actual sending of the notifications is directed by the mobile device where the app is installed.

Here are a few tips to help fix the issue on iOS and Android devices:

On iOS:
— Make sure “Restrict background data” is not checked for the CareZone app.
— Turn off “Wifi-Optimization” (in the Advanced Settings) and disable “Low Power Mode”.

On Android:
— Check “Battery Management” in your Settings app and make sure the CareZone app is not listed under “Sleeping Apps” (or being put to sleep).

If the issue persists, send us an Inbox message through the app or email so we can help further!

Take care, —Ivy