Delay of reminders and time taken


I often take groups of meds at times delayed from the displayed reminder times - e.g. - I may set the reminders for five items to be taken with a meal or on an empty stomach at the same time, say breakfast at 8:00am. If I eat my first meal at noon, I want to move the group of all five reminders to noon for that day.

Also, if I have a reminder set for 10:00pm, but delay the time taken to 2:00am, I cannot record the time taken to after 11:55pm. If I enter that time of morning, it shows it taken the morning of the original day, not the following morning when actually taken. I need a way to insert a dose taken the next day. Similarly, I would like to be able to insert an extra dose on a given day with a function that takes me to my list, including not-active items to choose one for insertion on that day, either as a reminder to take at that time or as an entry of time taken.


I would like to work with these groups by naming, e.g. - “with breakfast meal” for the 8:00am group, “with midday meal” or “with snack” for the 1:00pm group. These names could be chosen from a prepopulated drop-down list or or typed as a new entry, adding to the drop-down list.


I agree!! I have AM meds set for 7:00 but sometimes end up taking them later in AM due to going in for work later or even taking them after noon on a weekend. It would be very handy to have an option to check the Take All box using Current time or Take All using Scheduled time. Otherwise, you would need to manually scroll through to the time you actually took them on each med. That is very tedious if you have 10 meds scheduled at that time. I’ve also had many times that I have taken bedtime scheduled meds after midnight. I have to change the time to 11:55 PM if it’s something I have a scheduled time for so at least I can log that it was taken. If it’s an as needed med, I just have to make sure that I choose the correct day so that it’s logged on the next day. I don’t really want to make all my meds “As Needed” & lose the reminder function. That gets to be very time consuming if you have 20+ meds.