Dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome and MS

Is there any way to get anything done with the fatigue from MS? The provigil and adderal no longer work. They have diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome. Also have sarcoidosis in my lymph nodes and muscle fibers and a little fibromyalgia for good measure. I keep hearing that I need to exercise and I would feel better but how do you get over the hump to get started? The hump being the fatigue?


I have also been dealing with MS. I think the fatigue with MS is so difficult.


I also have MS and was wondering if Adderal has helped anyone. If so, how did it help and what are the pros and cons? I have tried Provigil but it makes me too jumpy/hyper.

HarryT - from Las Vegas


I’ve not been prescribed that but I take the shot, Copaxone. Maybe ask about that.

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Hello I also have MS, I found water aerobics/activity helped the best. Low impact on the joints with right resistance and lots of fun meeting new people in the same situation as we are.


Sorry I was interrupted. I found warm water therapy is the ticket for me. We have a good group attending and we keep each other going at it. Once you start and keep at it suddenly it’s easier. But in the end it really is up to each of us. So find one (some require a referral), establish an obtainable goal,set up a schedule and go for it. May God bless your efforts, and keep on smiling! Make them wonder what you’re up to.


I use Provigil and Strattera. The Strattera can be increased as it becomes less effective. Now it’s not a miracle drug combination but you will have more better days then less!!


I was able to do some exercise with a buddy, but now that I don’t have that person, it doesn’t work. I did feel yoga was helpful as was walking. To help me be motivated for walking, I got a puppy.


My name is Kim and I also have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed with it April 1, 2002…just 6 months and 4 days after my Dad was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I had never heard of it when my parents told me Dad had it, and they suggested I start researching it. It explained ALL the symptoms I was having, and had been having. I went through my School Days books later, and I had symptoms all the way back in Kindergarten. I have been on SEVERAL DMDs, but none worked well enough for me. I now take the only one approved for PPMS, had my first dose Thursday…I feel a LOT BETTER now than I have since being diagnosed. I hope this med works for me, but I have trouble exercising. Either my legs don’t work right, or my arms…or I am just SO FATIGUED that I can’t really do much of anything.

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Ibcyn1974, how do those 2 meds work…I mean, Provigil is one I’m not familiar with. Strattera I have heard of, I don’t mean how do they work in general…I mean, for YOU…if I may ask, how do they seem to work? I gather from your post they must work pretty good for you, or it seems that way to me.

I know what you’re going thru. Encourage you to used CBD. It will help you with the pain, and mood. Educate about its use and benefits. No side effects. Your love ones will notice and you will deal better day by day. It isn’t a cure. Be sure, it isn’t a cure for MS but, how you deal with it makes a difference.


I take adderall and it helps a lot! It makes a big difference and I’m able to get through my day without dragging my feet! It also really helps your mind focus on what you are doing and also helps your brain make connections

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I have to force myself, sometimes even to the point of crying when I first get on my elliptical… But when I’m done (and i can only do about 15 minutes very slow right now) i do feel better, I need a rest but my muscles feel better.AND when i do it more regularly my 15 minutes 2 to 3 times a day every day i have fewer muscle spasms and a bit more energy…


I would sure like an answer to this also

A medication I used for fatigue was Low Dose Naltraxon (LDN).
I had to work on getting the dose-time right.
I had to stop using it when it stopped being made at the compounding pharmacy. The cost became an issue for me.

Hi I’m Adrienne, be I’ve been on the Adderall for a yr now and it works for me most of the time. I take two 2 in the am and 1 be at noon. There are some days where it just does not work in the fatigue over Powers everything I can’t get up out of bed to move. You just have to try maybe.

I take Amantadine for fatigue. It’s also an antiviral.

Armofinill NUVIGIL. Helps me walk and oh no I dislike falling and bruises abrasions and I dont want one more broken bone.

Mild wakeful product. I dont know what it does hut it helps my muscles I think makes me more less of ms

Also it could be Lupus???