Dawn phenomena?

Hi, 40 yr old t2 diabetic (dx Feb 2019). At what point do you have a snack before bed glucose wise? And what fo you have? Been having fasting readings of over 150, and noticed that if I had 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich and some grapes with water, my am readings were closer to 100. Nutritionist said it may be dawn phenomena (sp?) Have a 15g carb snack before bed and it should be lower in am.

When I asked my PCP, she said under 120, have something like peanut butter and apple slices or crackers and cheese, but that is close to where my average glucose is already, and seems like a bit high to be having a snack.

When I talked to my diabetic nurse educator, she said snack if under 100, but didnt offer any snack ideas.

Last A1c was 6.2 (1/20) and waiting on most recent results, but average glucose for past 12 weeks is about 145, mostly because of those 150+ fasting reads. (My other reads are always 90- 128… although it does tend to be closer to 3 hrs after eating that I check)

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Are you fasting 12 hours before you do your test? I eat my last meal around 5:00 or 5:30 and I don’t need any snacks after that. I have pretty much cut out all snacks and just eat three meals a day. My blood sugars in the morning run between 90 and 102. 3 hours after meal of mine run about 120 which is normal.

My last meal is dinner (1 cup garden salad, 2 tbsp italian dressing, either 3 oz of chicken or 3 oz pork, 1/2 cup cooked veggie, usually green beans or broccoli/cauliflower, OR 1/4-1/3 cup brown rice or mashed potato 32 oz ice water) usually by 6 pm. Bed at 9, up at 9-10, and I check glucose while coffee is brewing, before anything else.

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By 730, my sugar is at 140s, and I go for a 30-45 min easy walk (3-3.2 mph or so samsung health says lol) at bed time, I’m between 90 and 115. Im on alogliptan (Nesina) that I take in the am, no insulin if that makes a difference?

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I take meal time and a bedtime insulin. My bedtime snack is 1/4 cup Applesauce or Fruit Cocktail. Or some cheese and crackers. I also have a cup of Hot Tea with a pkt of Splenda that helps me relax.

I want to congratulate all the posters for your exceptional self-care and diligence in controlling your BS. Most T2 Diabetes patients suffer much greater A1C levels hence keeping the ENDO doctors busy.

My physical health has me almost chair/bedridden. In return my fasting BS is around the 250 range. My A1C was 9.4 at last test.

I am fearful of my future and long-term health. I see my doctors regularly but lost my health insurance and the start of the year. I have found a great resource to help me with my meds in the interim but hate asking for help.

Again, great job to everyone whooping up on the disease.