Daughter is not a good sleeper

She is 15 and she cant go to sleep at specific time. What ideas can I try

Try melatonin it’s natural in it will help

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She has she dont like it

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Some say exersice during the day to wear yourself out. I try to stick to a bedtime routine turn off the things that keep my mind busy by a certain time put on something soft maybe take a warm bath drink a cup of sleepy time tea don’t lay in the bed till your going to bed try a sleep mask to block out light a little lavender on your pillow soft music if your the type that needs noise


Some people would say that it is too late to begin setting a routine bedtime system. Not true! Every time that I changed shifts or my family moved to a different country with different sunrise/set systems we would have to all retrain ourselves as to our bedtime routines. As Wolflover gave example of in her reply.

Find what works best for you and her but the time needs to be set. Whether the time is 10, 11 or 9 pm is up to the two of you but once that time is set it needs to be adhered to as best as is reasonable. The routine needs to be the same every night. Such as putting away your electronic devices, locking the doors and windows, then bathroom routine and then to bed. When in bed if she likes to read she needs to read a real book or on a tablet with a blue light blocking system. The internet should be off limits as that can be too stimulating once you start chasing the rabbit. If she likes to listen to music the volume should be low and on a timer. The lights should be on a timer or shut off at a specific time.

I personally don’t like assistive pharmaceuticals but they do help people who can tolerate them well. There are a lot of different homeopathic agents that can help or just the old tea or milk drinks. If it is tea make sure that there isn’t any caffeine in it. Whatever it is just make it as routine as possible.

During the day she might want to track what she is eating and drinking as that might be negatively affecting her ability to sleep also. Too much caffeine, sugar, protein, etc can cause our body to react in a way that keeps us awake. Everything I have laid out here is not just for teenage girls. All of us who have difficulty sleeping can take something or all of it to help you sleep. Before I got sick I was one of those people that could fall asleep if I wanted to. Anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances. That served me well for many years, especially when I was in the Army. Now though, I can’t fall asleep even when given a sleep aid.

I hope that this will help anyone who has trouble sleeping. As always, anyone can ask me for any help at any time.

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She dont eat alot of sweets and dont like hot tea

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Well, give the other things a try if you guys can. I know that those techniques have worked for my family for over thirty years. That’s how old my kids are. They both still use that system and they do ok with sleeping.

She is now sleeping ok now that she is on prozac


White noise is far better than music