Custom Trackers with more options

I would love to be able to track thyroid levels also. I have panohypopitutarism so I need multiple tracks and dont want to use multple apps. I track diapetes glucose levels, blood pressure, insipidis dizzinessand more.

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I love the idea of tracking adrenal crises!! I have secondary adrenal insufficiency and it would be helpful to track when I need to “updose” and if it made a difference in my symptoms.

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Hi, I agree regarding a tracker for ventilator related tasks. I use a Trilogy ventilator with a face mask and recently created a separate post about a supply inventory tracker. This would be really helpful for me to know how many bacteria filters, elbows, tubing sets etc. I have and when to change them. Your workaround of creating medications s a good one. But, like you said, having a tracker or inventory list (with reminders to change things) would be even better.

Agreed!! I hate having to keep a separate app to track my lab results for my thyroid condition. Would be nice if it were in here!