Custom Trackers with more options

I agree. I would like to to customize target areas.


I would like some type of chart to measure my dry weights and wet weight for for dialysis


I also need a custom tracker for asthma attacks and ventolin usage. Also migraine attacks.


Please add a tracker for “Heart Rate”, there’s O2, but I also need hr. I have to track it laying down, sitting, and standing. Thank you


Couldn’t agree more with a sensational user customized tracker! Everyone has great ideas. I think the most important thing to remember in design is how we use the data. If it is for doctor visits, we need to be able to have the data compiled so we do not get flustered when the “White coat syndrome hits!” Help us look smarter! (Just a little levity.) I need to know how many migraine headaches I have had this month, what triggers, weather with barometric pressure and pollens, what symptoms, what medications & number of doses it took for relief, what other remedies besides meds (ice pack, dark room etc.) and duration of headache.
We understand this is a big ask, but with this being such a great app already we know y’all are up for the challenge that will help keep us all neat and tidy.
Thanks for the opportunity to ask for the moon and the stars!, Gatsby


Great comment! You’re exactly right!! It does depend on what we’re using the data for. It’s extremely complicated. Everything you said about migraines was spot on! I can tell her (my neurologist) I get 4-5/month, but it helps us both to know as much data as possible, what triggers them, etc. In large part for us to know what to avoid or for instance - a storm’s coming in, prepare for migraine. I originally wasn’t a fan of the line graph, but last week my doctor asked me to track heart rate laying, sitting, standing at various times a day, so now I see the merit in the line graph. It all depends on what & why you’re tracking something. Anyway, loved you comment. I agree, it is a big ask. Not sure how they can make us all happy, but it’s great that they listen to us and try.


I would love to be able to prioritize the trackers so I don’t need to search for it. Place the most used on top.


Excellent idea!!


Hi @MaryJean! I can help share how to edit and organize your Trackers list.

On Android, tap Trackers, then tap the blue pencil icon (bottom right). To remove a Tracker from your list, tap the checkbox at the left until the checkmark disappears.

On iOS, tap Trackers, then tap “Edit List” (top right). To remove a Tracker from your list, tap the toggle button to the right of the Tracker name until it’s no longer dark/blue.

To reorder your Tracker list, tap and hold the list icon to the far right of the Tracker name, then drag the Tracker to your preferred place in the list.

For additional help, send an Inbox message through the app or reply here.

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Not sure what it would take? But if we could customize our own categories, that mean the most to us, I’d be willing to pay.
Great job so far!!


I agree…would really like a period tracker and a customizable would be best so it can be applicable to so many people




I was thinking this very thing. Would beven very helpful to customize and be able add our own trackers. I’m glad I’m not alone in this.


Love this idea! I have MdDS, and that causes me to feel very dizzy at times. It would new great to be able to track my dizziness severity as well as balance, falls, fatigue, or brain fog.


I have MdDS which makes me feel like I’m on a boat, I just call it dizziness so people understand. But it’s not vertigo.


A fatigue tracker would be great! So many conditions can cause fatigue!


Thanks for the info. I didn’t even realize they could be reordered. Now I have them set up so that I can just go down the list during triage and enter the info in the order the nurse gets it. That’ll make it so much easier to follow along without having to jump around looking for the tacker I need right then. All the rest that I use that aren’t part of triage I ordered according to what works best for me. Again, thanks. This is a huge help.


Great idea. Being able to track radiological procedures and what it was for would be great, as well as a note area to enter what the report said.


Even just being able to create a generic tracker and give it a name would be a lot better than nothing. When you add a data point it would log the date and time and whatever value you put in. It wouldn’t have to “know” what it’s measuring – the name you give it is arbitrary, as long as it doesn’t conflict with an existing built-in tracker name* – or what the units are. They could be pounds or kilograms, hours, minutes or seconds, milligrams per milliliter, red cells per mL … Whatever!
Just have the “custom tracker” tool store

  • a name, like “walks”
  • a unit, like “steps” or “miles” or “km” or “blocks” (Can you tell I’m a city boy? :-) )
  • the date and time of the entry (automatic, like the existing trackers)
  • Maybe a note to store the meaning and direction of the units. I remember seeing questions about whether Mood=10 great or terrible; it isn’t self-evident. (Speaking of which, the Nausea scale runs 0-10, but the note says “Feeling nauseous? Track from one to ten and chart values.”)
  • Which reminds me, as an ex-programmer, to make sure somehow that when an update to the app adds any new built-in trackers, it checks to see if the user has a custom tracker with the same name, and
  1. does SOMETHING to make sure that neither tracker overwrites the other, like maybe adding an asterisk to the name of the custom one
  2. notifies the user prominently of what’s happened in #1, like as soon as they open the app,
    +. Hmm, maybe make a similar check when the user creates a custom tracker to make sure there isn’t already a custom tracker with the same name.

Ecch! Those big paragraph breaks are where I numbered a paragraph (1., 2., …). And the app deleted the number as well! BUG REPORT.

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