Custom Trackers with more options

It would be great to integrate that into this app. Argus and Argus free heart rate apps for iPhone are great, with tags, notes, and charts, but of course it would be convenient to have it all within CareZone. Of course, I am not an expert nor even very knowledgeable about the business, but all that in one app seems expensive and maybe too much to add to this app as it is. I count every penny, but I skimp on other things to pay the thirty dollars a year for that app which also has nutrition, exercise, cloud backup and so much more for my health and education. CareZone is my #1 most important app, though. I’d like to keep it at no charge so that others on limited budgets can use it too. Disability doesn’t provide much, and many of us really need this service. I can’t use it if it gets too complicated, either.

Take some probiotics.

Thanks for the reminder!

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I would love to be able to make custom trackers with reminders that I can adjust. I could see myself using it for STI test tracking, logging breast development during HRT, or even dysphoria. It’d also be nice to be able to record in words, not just numbers.

I just had a liver transplant. Need to track fluid drainage. Recording cc’s and time /date is necessary. Customizable trackers where you can set name (liver drainage), item being tracked (ascites), unit of measurement, (cc’s) and of course time and date. This would add a huge amount of value to an already amazing app!

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Adding 2 or 3 customizable Trackers would be very helpful! This could be accomplished by having drop-down lists for the type of tracker & for what is behind tracked i.e. ml, oz, etc.


It would so nice to start a custom one! While some of the items I’m supposed to track are common, others (like episodes of cataplexy) aren’t.

I am the parent of an adult with autism who can be very explosive. He has also just started having seizures at the age of 28… I believe they are related to the numerous head injuries he received while living in group homes. Some of what I have been told to look for are certain behaviors (some that are similar to what would be seen as “stimming”. It makes me wonder if he may have been having mini unrecognized seizures for some time. I would like to have a behavior tracker, both to track explosive behavior and unusual behaviors. he also has some other conditions that may or may not be related to autism or epilepsy but that would be useful to track in a way that I could then overlay the graphs of. Perhaps a series of customizable trackers under various broad conditions might be useful. and more objective than trying to rely on memory, and might also give a way for presentimg information to doctors who are increasingly specialized and often refuse to consider the possible connections among seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Yes it would be

I’m dealing with severe Anemia and would love to track my Hemoglobin (HgB) levels over time.

I have been using kidney care to track creatinine,urine I & O. Ect

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I agree

Is there an easy way to allow doctors and nurses to see my trackers and anything else? I am thinking either an email-able link or maybe a QR code.

Like to track foot pain.

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Hi Ivy! I would love it if there were 2-4 trackers that I could customize to what symptoms I needed to watch at that point in time. For example I have Addison’s Disease & I would like to be able to track each time I had a crisis. I would need of course date/time, how bad the crisis was (1-10 scale), length of crisis, if I took medicine, if I had to go to the hospital & a notes section. The next 2 I would like to be able to customize I think other people will be able to use as well. First, I would like to be able to track my anxiety attacks; date/time, severity & notes. Second, I have Bipolar disorder most of the time I’m fairly level but I would like to be able to track when I’m manic/depressed on a scale of 1-10, date/time & length of episode in days not hours/minutes. Thanks so much!

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I would love to be able to track thyroid levels also. I have panohypopitutarism so I need multiple tracks and dont want to use multple apps. I track diapetes glucose levels, blood pressure, insipidis dizzinessand more.

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I love the idea of tracking adrenal crises!! I have secondary adrenal insufficiency and it would be helpful to track when I need to “updose” and if it made a difference in my symptoms.

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Hi, I agree regarding a tracker for ventilator related tasks. I use a Trilogy ventilator with a face mask and recently created a separate post about a supply inventory tracker. This would be really helpful for me to know how many bacteria filters, elbows, tubing sets etc. I have and when to change them. Your workaround of creating medications s a good one. But, like you said, having a tracker or inventory list (with reminders to change things) would be even better.

Agreed!! I hate having to keep a separate app to track my lab results for my thyroid condition. Would be nice if it were in here!