Custom Trackers with more options

Idea💡 Please make some or all of the trackers customizable & a way for users to add our own specific to our health issues.
For example, I don’t have diabetes, so I don’t need to track my A1C, but I do need to track my falls & the days I pass out. Also, your title says headaches, but I want it to say Migraines.
If you could make them customizable so we can add our own or change the titles of categories already in place & priortize them, this app will truly be the answer to my prayers & make managing health issues from the most simple to the most complex chronic illnesses so much easier for patients, parents, care givers, & healthcare providers alike.
Thank you so much for your time & consideration!


I agree! I have Fibromyalgia and it is very helpful to me to be able to track my pains levels, however, it would also be beneficial to track my fatigue levels.


Definitely would like to customize. I have bilateral Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and tracking muscle spasms would be helpful


I agree it would help greatly if it could be customized to each individual on personal health conditions and symptoms!


I was going ask for a tracker for Exercise time or miles … but being able to customize would be even better this is the top app on my phone & i have a lot of apps 👌♥️ thanks


I agree! I need to keep track of falls and bowel movements, too. Please let us be able to customize a tracker


I agree. I woukd like to track some of my symptoms of the medication I am taking.


Great point


I definitely agree. I have vertigo which needs to be tracked daily. Right now I’m using the nausea tracker only bc it’s close to my issue.


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I vote for fatigue tracker! Date and time, level of intensity, duration and note section (so I can note if anything made it better or worse.)


And for allergies!
Allergen, typical reaction, medication, notes and a tracker - date/time, reaction, medicine, effectiveness, notes


And for asthma tracker and peak flow with ability to set zones (green, yellow, red) to track results of test. Record date, time, reading (with automatic determined level from entered zone numbers) and, of course, a note section!


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Some medications give me a rash. I had one that made me itch from head to foot. If I had been able to track when the rash started I would have associated it with the medication. Went off med. skin cleared back up. Was replaced w another med. 3wks later a different set of bumps.
Skin has never been a problem for me. I didn’t even have pimples as a teenager. Now so many things mess my skin up. I never used makeup, just sun screen, recently started using Bare Essentials-fantastic! Ran out & couldn’t find my shade. Tried another company at my usual department store, got my 1st pimples, plus a few under the skin that I only could tell by feel.
Customization would be great!
I really like my records ALL kept together , the tracker section is best for me. I hate having to maintain a separate diary. I keep Forgetting about it ! I had 😕


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I have chemo brain to name a few. I forget a lot now. Need trackers for a lot of things. that are not available.for example: surgeries


I would like to see an MRI as I am tested every 2 or 4 weeks.


I am dealing with an itchy rash now…after STOPPING antibiotics (the full course). I think this is the third time of a rash appearing after ending antibiotics. Each time I am told by the medical professionals… “That is unusual.” And thus begins their inquiry for another allergen…change soap? Detergent? New lotion? What did you eat? Probably the sun cuz it (rash) is on exposed area. This search for the “real” reason is fruitless…and I still don’t know if I should consider being allergic to the antibiotic or not.

I would assume that a tracker would support that the rash appears the day after ending meds, but because it is unusual reaction I have doubts the medical profession would connect this obvious correlation. I just deal with my symptoms.

Sorry for venting.


I agree with the fibromyalgia there is so many sub issues connected to the disease that this needs its own title