Custom reminder options and symptom checker for Trackers

Is there a place to indicate if I took OTC/RX meds and effectiveness? If not, please add. If can link to my meds list, even better!

If pain/headache data is added, can that trigger a reminder to ask me if I still have a headache at the chosen time, say 30 minutes or 1 hour (user sets time). Then I am prompted to say yes or no when I am reminded. With a yes, I am asked if the pain is better, worse, no change and a note section to perhaps indicate what correlated with the change (meds worked!) And the app tracks the time of this documentation, with option to change it. If no, then I am asked, “When did it stop?”

Thanks for listening to my ideas!

Hi @purplepez!

I’m happy to share that you can list OTC meds “As directed”. Just edit the med to remove all med reminders and it will appear under “As directed” in your med list.

To mark an “As directed” med as taken, tap the checkbox next to the med name while in the SCHEDULE tab view of your med list.

To note med effectiveness: Edit the med, tap the “Effective?” field, then select the option.

Currently, you can add reoccurring Daily reminders for the Pain and Headache Tracker (just tap the clock icon located in the Tracker).

There isn’t yet a feature to add a Tracker reminder for “X number of hours” after an entry is made, or a way to note entries in comparison to others. If this becomes a feature in the future, we’ll be sure to update you here!

I appreciate you sharing these ideas!

Community Manager