Custom alarm tones for med reminders

Yes I get a message in the notifications bar but no specific “sound” or alarm.

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Hi Sherri! Thank you for your patience with my reply. I apologize if I confused any suggestions with our existing features!

You are correct that CareZone does not feature a continuous alarm (or custom alarm tones) for med reminders. I’ve noted these ideas for our team and will be sure to post any updates related to these requests in the future here!

Thank you!

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Reminder works perfectly on medication reminder but no audio alarm?

Roxy, my Android CareZone has audible notifications. They’re not the same as alarms but they do sound.

Hi. My iPhone gives me a notification but no audio sound. Settings are set to allow notifications and sound. I’m doing something wrong

Sorry, I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t help you with that. Hopefully someone else here can.

Hi @Roxy—I’m happy to help!

To fix the issue, try the steps in the link below (just scroll down until you see the section for iOS):

If you still run into issues, please send an Inbox message through your app so our support team can investigate and help with a fix.


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