Custom alarm tones for med reminders


Could you please add an alarm that actually rings on your phone so that when sleeping, a user can be woken up when we need meds?


That would be more than helpful. Maybe my sugars won’t plummet or go sky high



Just putting it out there…I have multiple alarms on my phone to remind me to take my medication and also when to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may wonder why does she need a reminder to eat? Well, because when you are battling cancer, some days you can’t even remember your own phone number.

Chemo brain is real! And if you need help setting up the alarms ask a teenager because they know all about phones.

I wish you all the best,



I would love to have that me


God bless you


How can I sync my account with my husbands, if you could help with that, it would be great!


Hello—I’m happy to help. I’ve shared a link to helpful instructions below for how to share your CareZone with your husband:

I also sent instructions to your CareZone Inbox for your convenience.

For future help with your app or account, please send our support team an Inbox message or email

Thank you!

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I agree. The pop up for this alone doesn’t help. I have to set an alarm on my phone separate from the app. Just make it all in one.


What a great idea! There are times when my phones notifier isn’t quite enough to get my attention. If my phone could actually ring in those circumstances it would be useful.


Not Necessary to have an alarm.
I take my meds twice a day and that works just fine.
Thank you


I’m glad that works for you Sherry. Unfortunately for my 84 year old chronically ill mom who has over 20 meds taken at different times during the day, she really needs a sounding alarm. And I’m seeing from other people’s responses that a sounding alarm connected to the medication schedule would really help. I’d even be willing to pay an paid application fee to be able to have that feature for her. When memory problems are involved and chronic pain gets out of control due to forgetting a medication time, it’s horrible to see your loved one suffer when it could have been possibly prevented in any way. We try desperately to stay on top of her schedule, but we can’t be with her 24/7 and can’t alway break away to call right on time. It would just be a nice feature to have in the application so we didn’t have to fumble with other reminder or alarm apps separately to try to find a solution…


Oh of course!! I’m sorry it sounded like I was comparing myself to anyone. I just thought I was talking directly to the staff. How embarrassing!! It’s a very efficient system!
I’m new here and can never figure out how to navigate. I was just telling the administration that I would not be needing reminders at this time and was asking them to please keep helping me to figure out how to disable them.
I’m so tired of being confused here. I feel silly even, that I have this stupid screen name. I’m gradually figuring things out but I get really frustrated.
I’m glad you have a system that works for your grandmother.🙂


Hello! I’m happy to help share how to disable your med reminders (and apologize for any confusion).

Please follow the steps in the link below:

If you have any questions, contact our support team by sending an Inbox message through the app, or email

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An alarm would be very helpful. Multiple alarm settings, perhaps a separate one for each medication, appointment, other reminders that are named specifically.


I have ask that care zone add ringtones to the app it help all of us


I completely agree. I have an app to remind me to take my meds, an app to track my conditions that are not in this app, and this app for the journaling, photo, notes, calendar, & document capability. It would be awesome to have everything in one. With a couple tweaks this app will be great!!


We would like to have a alarm on this app


Hi @maudea45!

I’m happy to share that the app does feature alarms for med reminders!

First, make sure that your med reminders are turned on for CareZone. Here’s a link to helpful instructions:

As long as your notifications and sounds are turned on in your device’s Settings (and your med reminders are set in CareZone), you should receive an alarm when it’s time to take your meds.

I’m here to help if you have any issues or questions!

Community Manager


The Alarm you say is not really an alarm, it is a notification. My phone sound is the same as email and no way to choose another one.lf they would add a choice of tones would help.



Yes, could you please clarify? Is the “alarm” the notification that pops up in the notification bar once?

I think we are all saying we would like an alarm that actually sounds continuously until you preas off or snooze, to ensure we hear it.

It needs to not turn off until we acknowledge ut and should also have a snooze featured.

Does CareZone have such a thing?


Sherri A