Crohn's and RA

I have just moved to medina ohio now my RA I don’t know what to do now I was on remicade, cimzia,humaria what else can I do now

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Are you taking anything now? Find a good Dr or have your insurance give you some names of Drs in your network for you to call.
Call the office of the drs ask if they are taking new patients when they say yes tell them you just moved to the area and what your issues are then, what your taking and then set up an appointment. ( If you go to said Dr and you don’t have a good feeling call another name on the list and repeat until you find one you are comfortable with the Dr and treatment.) Vwala you have what you need.
God Bless you!
Turn your worries and concerns to him and you will receive what you need.


Find yourself A rheumatologist, he should give you the same thing you have been taking.


If RA is acting up, I agree with others, time to find a rheumatologist where you move to. Winter is tough on arthritis of all types. Best of luck.