Cost Of Living Adjustment

So I get SSA because my husband makes too much money. I have a birth defect in my left hip. So in 2020, COLA is giving social security people a 1.6% increase. With the increase, as well as Medicare going up, I will receive $5 less a month in 2020 than I did in 2019. Medicare gets 35% of my check because I have pre existing conditions. Life is so much fun.


That sucks. I’m sorry


I receive SSD as well as disability from the military and a small retirement from the Navy. On my SSD, after the “raise” and the increased cost of medicare part “B” I believe my SSD raise comes t just under $5.00 more a month, if it were not for me TriCare-4-Life, I would have to add a supplemental insurance and drug plan and my increase would also be in the negative way. One perc to giving Uncle Sam a blank check up to the amount of my life for twenty years, I feel due. The military is the US medical fields live lab rats… So now I rely on them supporting me and my family…


Have you checked with your local or state government for medical assistance available? My father is in the exact situation that you described and, after making use of what is available to him, he gets help on paying for his advantage plan and $0 copay on his medications. Good luck.


My husband makes too much money through pension and social security. And we own our home and vehicles. I have too much in assets


Sorry, but that is the only suggestion I had. And I do understand because after my dad got his medical taken care of, he applied for SNAP. Because he cannot afford to really subsist on his own, he lives with us. BUT, applying for the SNAP, you have to include ALL the earnings of the household, not just his earnings. He is VERY adamant about being self-sufficient. So, he hates that he HAS to live with us and depend on us for food. It hurts to see him like this.


It’s all good. I understand your Dad feelings. Thanks for your input


Is there any way you can get on a Medicare Advantage Plan? They take care of the cost of Medicare premiums.

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Unfortunate very few play Medicare premiums. It is generally only if you have Medicaid. My boyfriend works for several Insurance companies

Life is so much fun I go through the same thing and it’s been roller coaster. I accept it 50 years in Kane and will continue his struggle with gods help. Clock up your resources through spiritual guidance. And financial guidance and opportunities to see what resources there are