Copy from journal

I just took a couple of acetaminophen tablets for a sudden pain in my back, and made a detailed note in my Journal. Acetaminophen is not on my Medications List because I rarely need it, but I keep it around for when I do.

Then I tried to copy the entry so in case things got worse I could include it (and any other relevant entries) in a memo to my doctor or just for myself – but the app won’t let me copy from the journal! Why the heck not? I can maybe see why I can’t edit an entry once I’ve posted it, even though I can delete it, but what possible harm is there in copying it?

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Okay, so I found a workaround:
• tap SHARE (icon in top right, like a < sign with arrowheads on the branches)
• choose browser
• go to new browser window
• select post and copy

So it’s possible to copy a post, but inconvenient, and probably impossible if you don’t have internet connection. I’d still like a direct COPY option.

Correction: the share icon has dots at the ends and angle, not arrowheads.