Coping with Asthma

Hi my name is Santana and I was diagnosed with asthma at an early age. And have since had trouble handling my asthma as it leads to panic attacks. Had anyone else had this issue and it what ways have you been able to soothe it?


I have been dealing with anxiety disorder before I was diagnosed with Asthma. Having the anxiety issues did affect my breathing. Many times I was put on oxygen. When I was diagnosed with Asthma, it was more difficult in dealing with everything. My allergist got my Asthma under control and things are easier to deal with.

I expirence this as well at time. I try to my best to calm my breathing down and I know it maybe hard at times as a asthmatic but it can be done. Also I fine my body temperature seems to rise when I have a panic attact so I find a quick way of cool myself off. It could be just have the cool air on me, oh crab a ice pack, or cold wash cloth. That’s how I deal with it.

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Hello, I have had Asthma since I was I was 25 years old, I’m now 66 years old. There are many things wrong with me , I will not name them all, I have a hernia at the top of my stomach and air or gases get trapped there. I also have Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea to name a few. I have panic attacks sometimes because I have a conversation in my head, “Is this a heart attack? Is this my Asthma? Is this that air bubble that is stuck? Am I going to die?”

First thing is my rescue inhaler, then a ginger ale, if neither of them work. My husband takes me to Our PCP who owns his own Urgent Care and is open 7 days a week, for 7am to 7pm.

As far as calming the panic attacks, my husband is really good at calming me and talking to me until I’m calm

My 19 year old daughter has the same problem. She’ll start having a mild asthma attack then her anxiety takes over & she ends up having a panic attack which makes the asthma worse. About the only thing that works for her is either breathing in time with me or using a paper bag with ice in it to breath into. Hope it gets better for you.

I have eosophilic asthma. Before this diagnosis I has frequent attacks ending up in hospital admissions. Twice I went into respiratory arrest and cardiac shock in 2019. They started doing blood tests evert month and the eospnophils remained high even when i had no lung infection. In November I started having Fasenra injections and since then no asthma attacks. This has meant less copd exacerbations as asthma often started an exacerbation. Asthma is now controlled.
I am now able to go to cardio rehab to help with the management of Chf and copd.