Contacts List

I’ve just spent a lot of time deleting what I call “open” & the system calls “unfinished” contacts (& still have a lot more to do!) These are contacts that are formed in the system when I’m entering or updating a medicine & simply accept the name that pops up when I start typing in a name that I’ve used before. For example: my pharmacy is Village Pharmacy of WF. So when I enter a new medicine & start typing Village I usually get as far as “Vil” & the rest of Village Pharmacy of WF pops up! So I would just tap it to accept it & thought it was using the information that was already stored for that contact. UNTIL TODAY!

Today I was doing a little cleaning up since I was updating my new insurance cards. I couldn’t believe how many “unfinished” contacts there were - 100s! Apparently, even though the system recognizes an existing name, it doesn’t recognize it enough to enter the new entry as the existing entry! It should be possible to enter a contact once & that be it. When entering the name again & the system pops up an existing entry & one accepts it as the correct entry, the rest of the existing info should then be added & only 1 contact will then exist for that name. Having a long list of “unfinished” contacts is unacceptable & ridiculous!


OMG, what a BRAINLESS piece of user interface!! What were… no, WERE they thinking at all?! I doubt it.

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