Constant pain

Hey, I’m Stephanie I have almost constant neck and shoulder pain. I have bulged discs, disc degeneration and Arthritis in my neck. I’ve had 2 sets of cortisone shots, 1 epidural shot and decompression treatment, I see a Chiropractor every week I am currently in the process of getting Facet joint block shots I got the right side done I go back in a week for the left side. None of this had helped for more than 2-3 days. I’m afraid that I’m just going to have to face the fact that this is how it’s going to be for me always in pain. It’s so discouraging and really makes my Depression and anxiety worse than ever. Anyone else experience this same type of pain?


Yes I do, I have some of the same issues and more.
I had a lower lumbar fission in 2018. But I am in the same pain if not worse. But of course, no one knows why.

So aggravating 😡 spending so much money for things that should help in some form and getting no relief in the end. I’m going to get a medical marijuana card soon. That’s one thing I haven’t tried. My pain gets so bad at times that the tylenol 3 with codeine that the dr so hesitantly prescribed doesn’t even touch it


Yes, I do have this kind of pain. One thing that really aggravates it is using my phone too much. Really painful.

Without a thought and this is the first time that I have ever recommended this but suggest you see another PM doctor. There is no reason not to get reasonable care from your health care provider. Tylenol 3 is not even a consideration by most.

It is probably not your doctors fault as so many of them are so afraid of the federal government oversight they don’t treat their patients.


I am so sorry to read your post as it reads just like my life. The specific back problems might be a little different but I live in the same hell.

I have had some level of pain since 2009. It has gotten progressively worse over the years to the point that I lost my job of 23 years last September.

At this point I have had over a dozen injections and similar procedures. Some lasted a while with the last one in December not lasting an hour.

I have basically given up on any relief as I cannot afford insurance. The Surgeon could fix many of my problems but without insurance and definitely can’t afford scores of thousands of dollars to pay for them.

Luckily I was able to get my Social Security Disability on the first review that replaced about 20% of what I was originally making.

Overall life sucks with hellish pain and no real hope less waiting another 22 months to be eligible for Medicare and then hopefully surgery.

Best wishes to you and keep up the fight.


My Surgeon won’t consider Fusion as he says that they are finding the Discs above and below the fused Disc are blowing out from the added pressure.

Yes I do and I go to a Homeopathic Dr. once a month. Get shots in neck and shoulder and get herbal medicine. My pain is tolerable and I can enjoy some of the things I like to do. Find yourself a real homeopathic dr and try it one time.You will be surprised.


I hear ya, look into cbd oil. The medical marijuana is still not legal in Indiana, however, if it was my Dr would issue me one. I have been told I will never be truly pain free… If I could just get it at a talerable point and stay there. 🙍

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I can see where that is plausible. Wish it wasn’t, lol.
All the surgeon said to me was… Things have completely healed and you should not be in the paid your in. My part is done, I will keep your file open in case you need to come back.
What a crock, but he is right need to see pain management again… I am so done with Drs that can’t or won’t help. ( No one here treats Fibromyalgia)…, gotta love life…

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I’m so sorry, but definitely you are NOT alone. I have CRPS, herniated disks in lower spine, diabetic, been in a wheelchair for 10 years after a major break in ankle& leg. I could go on but by now I’m sure you get the point. Just remember you are NEVER ALONE, Pick up your phone and pull up C Z, someone will always be there. Oh, BTW, welcome, lol

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By the grace of God my pm really understands my CRPS, along w damage to spine. I have a pump w fentanyl in it, orals are 60mg oxycodone, some & flippin p as in still will get to a 8 or so. I’m just so grateful for Doc Vihn

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I too have the EXACT same book!!
God bless you & all who live with totally uncontrollable pain. I hate the fact that I constantly have thoughts I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE. What you do when you feel this way I don’t know

Thank you very much appreciated

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Yep! I’m in constant pain too in my back (spine), muscles, connective tissue, back of neck due to whiplash, frequent headaches and sometimes migraines, body just aches (some days manageable but most days, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck). I also have depression, anxiety, and herniated discs. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last December, which I already figured I had based on all my symptoms.
I’ve probably tried everything you mentioned you’ve tried plus more, with NO relief in sight!! I’ve been to so many doctors, I can’t even count them on my fingers and toes. There’s no cure for Fibromyalgia and from what I read and hear from my chiropractor, Fibro is basically a symptom of an underlying issue that has many symptoms. What that underlying issue is… who knows? I’m on meds for the anxiety and depression and been prescribed many pain meds. The ONLY med that helps relieve the pain is an opioid, but they are very addicting and doctors don’t like to prescribe them because of that. So I think this is just my life and I haven’t fully accepted it but I do have days where I am in bed for much of the day and want to sleep, so I don’t feel pain. Anyways my dear, you aren’t alone. I hope you find relief and if you do, please share with us. 🙏🏼


Thank you for sharing this. I hope you can find some kind of relief as well. Thank you for your concern and for sharing

Good luck

To get Medicare was something I looked forward to until I found out that to get something to cover the many costs of medications, doctors, procedures and such takes so much of disability i have to do away with such small things as utilities, food,fuel to and from doctor visits…you know, small things like that.

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Thank you

So sad that we have to sacrifice so much to pay for medical in this world. Even with insurance it’s outrageous costs