Constant Migraine

Hi I’m 16 and have had what feels like the same migraine every day for almost 2 years it varies in intensity depending on the day and what’s going on. I also have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) or autonomic dysfunction. Neurology has pretty much given up on e as I have tried several medications and none worked most the side effects were worse than the migraine themselves

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I am so sorry to read this. I am a lot older than you but have had a nonstop migraine for 2 1/2 years so I understand. I also have POH (I just don’t get the tachycardia - my daughter has the POTS). I have been thru botox injections, multiple oral meds, a total rework of all my meds (not just the migraine ones) to remove headache side effects, and I still have not had relief. My Neurologist is thinking of putting me on the new injection meds that are out there specifically for migraines. I see him in a month so we’ll see what happens then. The constant migraine is getting old tho!!! I hope you get some relief soon!!

If U don’t mind me asking what other kinds of symptoms do you have and have you had any implants?

Depending on how severe your headaches are I know Believe It or Not of a lot of migraine medicines that are out there cuz I’ve been through it all. As far as the injectables let me know if you’ve tried anything already and I have had quite a few also so let me know.

We aren’t really sure what is the migraine and what is the POTS they want to blame the POTS for the migraine. My symptoms are nausea, dizziness/lightheaded, blurred vision, light and sound sensitivity, and fragrance sensitivity but all of those could be contributed to POTS as well

Or migraine as well. Have they tried Depakote? It is a seizure med but helps with migraines sometimes. I am on a pretty high dose but it has helped. Also have they checked your neck? Or your jaw joints?

the only bad thing about going up on your Depakote is the fact that it makes you have all of the problems that you’re trying to get away from and it increases your headaches to believe it or not

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Has stopped my daily migraines and my myoclonus. My Medicaid won’t pay for the injectables.

The one he was looking at giving me was Aimovig.

I know having POTS complicates a lot. My daughter has a lot of issues trying to determine if it POTS or one of her other issues, and she is a nurse who is trained to know signs and symptoms of conditions.

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I’m so happy for U when it comes to your daily headache’s being better I so live for that day. As soon as my eyes open in the morning my headache starts and it last until I can finally get to sleep.

It took the edge off of my headache’s but I have a feeling that my head pains are a lot more intense,granted her overall pain might be unbearable at times
But there are other issues happening to.

I just had a question for U. Do U know what botox is?

Yes. They tried that also with no results.

Just out of curiosity were did they inject into?

They also say it takes up to 4 injection’s to see if it might even take the edge off or not even work at all did they say that to U

All over my head, but concentrated on the areas where I have the sharp shooting pain & the band pain.

Yes, I had several months and still did not get any relief.