Confirmed Diagnoses

Hi Everyone,

I was recently put on oxygen 2L 24/7, then my pulmonary doctor had me do a lung function test.
I learned about a week later, that my lungs are functioning below 50%, which would explain why my heart beats so hard and fast before I was placed on oxygen.
So I have been diagnosed with severe COPD and will need oxygen to live.
I had to purchase my own concentrator, which was a major hit for the family. It doesn’t let me leave the house, and I can only have a line a mix of 150 feet (not really far at all), a next goal is a portable unit so I can leave the house for doctor appointments and such.

I try to get to the restroom, cuz when you got to go, you got to go, and the line gets hung up on anything along the way. fast forward a bit here, I can go without it for about 5 minutes if I a, not doing anything, but if I am moving its about 2 minutes if I am lucky.
I am trying to wrap my head around all that has happened to me over the last year, one day I am preparing for an interview with a police department, the next I am doing all I can to catch my breath. That’s when I find myself really struggling to do even the most simplistic of things.
It really starts to put things into perspective.


So sorry to hear this. Going from very active to almost a screeching halt in a short period of time from something you’ve either never heard of or vaguely remember something you heard somewhere is like a carton a day smoker going cold turkey. Hopefully you get your mobile o2 so you cat at least get out of the house. Hopefully there’s some folks in here who can give you suggestions on dealing with it and ways to keep from sinking all your money into this unexpected misfortune and letting Uncle Sam help you out. It was hard on me too! Coming here looking for advice sure can’t hurt. Again, wishing you my best! Take care.

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