Coming to terms taking Olanzapine

I don’t know if I am Bipolar (my aunt is but no one else is in the family, my dr suspected it but idk) but I know this medication helps me feel less overwhelmed, stable grounded, and keeps me functioning in my day to day life. And is great for PMS too. But even if I am I’ll take this for as long as I need it as without it I am a danger to myself and others. I hold a stigma around bipolar because of media, but my aunt has it and she’s as functional as any woman I know. If you have a stigma like me I hope I can change that with media and education. I’m super grateful to God that this medication exists.


Medicine is there for whatever reason we need it. Unfortunately people still don’t quite get that for mental health issues. People that do get it and know the benefits need to continue to speak out and educate. Thank you for doing so because it will help others who for one reason or another are not ready to speak out about it.



I was the same way. I thought i could manage without meds. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad. I have been on lithium for the last year and i love it.
I still feel weird about telling people im bipolar because most people dont understand what it means. Some people tell me im not bipolar im just a woman. That hurts.

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yes thank you! I find only tell people who benefit from telling them or women who need to know. Don’t tell women who it ain’t their business because they always find ways to attack and use it against you. My sister and father are like that. Don’t suffer or struggle anymore just accept it as a part of your lifestyle for the foreseeable future and do Your Best. Only people who need to know are my mom, doctor, and myself.


I think ive lost everything. I have no room to function. I cant breath. O feel like im 6 feet under but the thought of that makes me feel better. 6 feet under is were i wanna be. So please help me.

Hey Autumn,

I’d recommend getting a sleep, food, and outdoor schedule in place. Don’t do anything you can’t do with the resouces you have. So use your esoruces and things to their maximum. If you have IG follow MJ Harris and Micah Brinkley. They’re incredible and uplifiting and practical.

Prayer and meditation need to be part of that schedule as it gives you time with your thoughts and helps you connect back to God/Yourself. Medication helps me out, so it might help you too, but it isn’t for everyone. Go to your PCP and ask to speak about medication for exactly what you’re describing to me. It took me 4 meds to get to Olazapine and some medications have different interactions with different people. So the effects my be different for you. You know it’s working when you feel normal and like yourself again. Don’t hesitate to find a new medication and be upfront with your PCP about medications. It’s your mental health that needs help.

And take breaks from work/school/relationships to do more of what’s good to and for you.

Wish you all the best,

You’re strong and asking online for help is the first step you need to do to ask for help in your life and from those who can give it to you. Continue to stand tall, use those affirmations, and meditate and pray and have a good scheudle.


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I have never been on a website like this that I can comfortably speak. I have been on anxiety medication for years. I left my not so perfect family in 1992. The reason was another womyn. Totally out of nowhere.
All she said was " let me help you with that little lady" and I was smitten. Seven years later I was on prozac and single. That was 22 years ago and I’m still on medication. Since then my Daughter gave me triplet Grandchildren and my Son a graduate of Ringling Art School, got Parkinson’s Disease and I survived Breast Cancer.
If I miss one dose I cry at dog food commercials!
I am 76 years old and single.

Not a lot of people have the power to share how they are feeling especially online.