[Coming soon!] Copy from Journal (on Android)

I just took a couple of acetaminophen tablets for a sudden pain in my back, and made a detailed note in my Journal. Acetaminophen is not on my Medications List because I rarely need it, but I keep it around for when I do.

Then I tried to copy the entry so in case things got worse I could include it (and any other relevant entries) in a memo to my doctor or just for myself – but the app won’t let me copy from the journal! Why the heck not? I can maybe see why I can’t edit an entry once I’ve posted it, even though I can delete it, but what possible harm is there in copying it?

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Okay, so I found a workaround:
• tap SHARE (icon in top right, like a < sign with arrowheads on the branches)
• choose browser
• go to new browser window
• select post and copy

So it’s possible to copy a post, but inconvenient, and probably impossible if you don’t have internet connection. I’d still like a direct COPY option.

Correction: the share icon has dots at the ends and angle, not arrowheads.

Why can’t we copy a Journal entry or comment? I’d like to be able to inform my doctor or my sister of some things that I write there, but my only option is to retype into another app, which is especially difficult on a phone screen.

Hi @mamandel—Thank you for following up on this suggestion! I’m excited to share that you will be able to copy and paste from your Journal entries on Android very soon. The feature will be added to the next update through the Google Play Store!

Thanks for your patience and for sharing this suggestion! —Ivy

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I’m looking forward to it. :-)

There’s another option to use. I have several meds that I take on an “as needed” basis. I enter these as I would any other medicine EXCEPT I don’t list a time to take them. In the notes & in the dosing info I state that it is to be taken as needed & any other info the doctor has given me. The program lists these at the end of the day’s medicine schedule. When I take one of these meds the program enters it at the time I’m taking it. If Im entering it at a time other than when I took it, I can go in & adjust the time & even the dose (how many pills) I took. This works great for me!

Where do you enter/adjust the time?

Oh… I don’t think this is the same topic as “copy from journal”. Or am I missing something?

No, I guess I took a small bit of something you said & replied to it. Sorry if I confused you. I wasn’t really replying to your post about being able to copy from your journal entries. I was focused on how you could keep up with meds you only take occasionally. The program seems to keep the days meds were taken for a long time. I’ve never tried to print them out, but have looked back weeks to months to find the last time I took a med when I failed to list it. I was thinking that would give you a way to be able to find that info for your doctor if needed. Again, sorry if I confused you with my tangential response.

Tap the pen icon at the right end of the med info. That opens another window where you can change both the time & the dose. When you’ve finished entering your changes tap the check mark at the top right of the new page to accept your changes & go back to the previous page. Hope that helps.

Yes, thank you.