Colonoscopy - Getting Prepared

I have two questions regarding my upcoming exam (it’s my first time).

  1. How many days prior do I need to stop eating foods with fiber, nuts and grains? My doctor office says I should start 5 days out… doesn’t this seem excessive ? What low fiber foods did you eat prior to the probing ?
  2. Approximately How much weight will I lose as I prep for this procedure? I’ve been wanting to lose about 5 to 10 pounds and I am thinking this prep will get me there…although only temporarily.
    Thanks in advance.

I have had this exam in the past but never was told to have my inside clean out for that long, I was given something to drink and take it night before the exam. Sorry I forgot the name of the liquid.

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The majority of the weight loss will come from dehydration. That’s why you have to drink other fluids like Gatorade or Powerade. Don’t count on his as a way to lose that 5-10lbs. Dehydration will only make CD the prep worse. Also, just follow your doctor’s instructions. If they say 5 days, then that’s what you should do. You should have written instructions to follow from your Dr. Follow those exactly and you’ll get through it just fine. Good luck.


It seems like other people who have had a colonoscopy only limit the type of stuff they eat for 2 or 3 days. I was thinking my doctor might be a little excessive in the request.

The drink my doctor gave me was called GoLyte. I drank 2 liters the night before and am supposed to drink 2 more liters early in the morning. My colonoscopy is in the early afternoon.

I was concerned that the prep wasn’t working but after 2 hours it “hit me” and I was off to the races.

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The important thing if you do what you doctor has instructed. Before I go further let me apologize my cataracts have been affecting my vision so I’m having to use the microphone rather than the keyboard and it doesn’t like my Southern accent an autocorrect is always been working to get me
I have had neuwirth colonoscopies be sure in the days ahead you stay away from me like things like bread jello we can show up bad in Yukon that all foods have on them the fiber content.
As for losing weight I tried for years introductory stick with anything that required calorie count it wasn’t until I had some problems with my pancreas and the doctor told me the cat fats out of my diet. This would be me on a low fat diet it is a no fat diet because eating when you trying to cut fat there’s always sat available to process your vitamins in the vegetables and healthy food that you eat. After a couple months of came back I like that I lost over 30 pounds and it was a healthy moist. I have a terrible sweet tooth and it was before I became a diabetic. I discovered that I could eat angel food cake cherry pie filling over for dessert and have no fat if I wanted a Coke bad nofat. Now years later after many diets that sells exercises and other attempts to lose weight I had managed to keep it off almost thirty years and currently only weigh a hundred 25 lb after years being over a hundred and fifty. Sure wish I knew this back when I was young and having fun. Good luck and for Cecil colonoscopy it’s important you do what you got to tell because he’s looking for something different often from different people and he knows what is required for him to check it’s important that you don’t cheat if you want a successful test.