Coconut Sugar?

I too struggle with weight loss. It’s been a lifetime battle of mine. I can loose 100lbs and gain back 150. Im so done with the rollercoaster of weight management! I had a gastric sleeve June 2018. Ive done great as far as I’ve reached below my goal. Was 300 now 124lbs. Im very happy again with my weight loss. My problem is maintenance and fear of the weight coming back. If I’ve learned anything i have learned calories AND carbs both play a big roll in our sucess. My doctor always says, calories and carbs in. Calorie and carbs out. If i continue with my old habits i will gain it all back. Ive been to therapy and Ive been a hundreds of diets. They all work, but i go back to my old self and binge eat like crazy. I can’t eat as much but i can eat often. And they told me after the sleeve i wouldnt be able to tolerate fat or sugar! WRONG. I cant eat everything! No easy fixes for weight loss. They just arent out there. Ive got to figure out how to stop the craziness! Im desperate! Any answers? Thanks for listening!


I did the 21 day fix. And it works great. I lost weight even before I started the workout part of the program. I lost alot of weight. Unfortunately when we were in the middle of moving I got side tracked and gained it back. I to struggled all my life. The 21 day fix is basically portion control. It’s done by beach body. There is alot of info on pinterest. I have tried several times to get back on it. Now I do it just not fully like I should. But for me getting started is the hard part.

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What is the 21 day fix?

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A portion control diet by beach body


Ok thanks

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Hi my name is Stacey. I’m having the same problem with my weight. I’m so sick n tired. I lost n gain it back. Can you give me so tips please.

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Number one, I don’t think there’s a quick easy fix. When I have had success with weight loss, I’ve cut way back on carbs and fasted. I would start with choosing a window to eat and a window to fast. 6 hour window to have food, if I was hungry and then 18 hour fasting. I gradually made the eating window smaller and fasting window larger. It became easier over time and I really didn’t crave food. Unfortunately, I had/have some major stress going on in my life and I haven’t continued with it, but I’m going to try and approach it again. It’s definitely a mindset whatever you choose, and you’ll know when you’re ready. Good luck!