CK disease

Group and tracker for chronic kidney disease people!!


Thanks for sharing your idea here for adding a Chronic Kidney Disease tracker to the app.

What features would be most helpful for you to track this condition?

In the meantime, here’s a community topic dedicated to Kidney Disease if you’d like to join in on the conversation:

Please also feel free to start a new topic in the General community if you’d like as well.

Thank you!

Community Manager

I co-sign this idea! This app has been very beneficial for keeping track of all of my medications, but I wish there was a section in the community for those who have kidney disease/transplant.

Records of your. Creatinine,BUN, GFR, urine protein weight. Scale of swelling…

Yeah, people!! We sure could use one for chronic kidney disease (CKD). Mine is stage 3, what if anything can I do??