Circulation in feet

Does any one know how to return to return circulation to my feet?

For me, I began wearing a Magnet Rocks necklace as anklets on both ankles. I didn’t really expect them to work but I took a chance and have been beyond happy. Apparently the magnetic field helps to not only draw the blood flow but also push it back up. My ankles used to swell badly and nothing helped, not even meds till I started using them. As an added benefit, I also got sensation that I had lost in both my little pinkie toes back that my doctor said I had lost permanently. I can give you more information if you want. And no, I don’t sell them. I own 2 of the necklaces, had to buy a 2nd half size smaller when the swelling went down. I also own a bracelet. My 21 year old son bought a bracelet when I got my 2nd necklace. My 24 year old daughter just bought a necklace, her boyfriend just got a bracelet and my 28 year old daughter has a necklace with her birthstone…and they all swear by them.