Checking "Take" in app clears notification shade reminder

It’s been a day one issue, but when you click the “Take” button inside the app, the notification shade reminder to take the same meds isn’t cleared. So you either have to select it and click “Take” again in the window that pops up, or swipe away the notification manually hoping that it marked the medications as taken. I’ve had a few instances where that hasn’t happened. It’s a couple extra steps, so not career ending, but would be nice to have one talk to the other.


Why did you change the action of take all in the notifications? It used to take me to the schedule page listing of the meds for the time of the notification with all checked off as taken, but now it switches to the home screen without checking off the meds as taken.
Using the home page to choose take all does not switch to the schedule to see what is checked; this is inconvenient. The schedule is the most important display as it is required for checking that the entries are correct and none have been missed! It is easy to make a mistake if using the home screen without going to the schedule page to check. All I need is the notifications to take the meds are the scheduled time and the schedule to check or use in place of the notifications. Please change it back to the way it was!

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