Change the time of a medication reminder

For weekly medication, can I change/move the day I take my meds to another? I couldn’t seem to do it in the app.

And the app doesn’t seem to register any meds to take on a leap year, like today. My med calendar is blank. 🤔

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Hi @alydhiends—You can edit the time, day, and frequency of your medication reminders with a few easy steps!

Here’s a link to instructions for Android and iOS:

If you are still experiencing issues with your Medication Schedule calendar, would you please capture a screenshot of when you see on your end and email it to Please reference this post or add details of the issues in your email so our support team can investigate and help with a fix!

If you were looking for help with something else, just reply here. :)

Thank you!


Thanks, @Ivy. It works now. The calendar now reflects the day I set my weekly reminder to. But it wasn’t like that on my first tries. Maybe it’s just the first week’s reminder is unchangeable?
I don’t know. It’s already past.

Anyway, I hope you’re also working on a fix for the leap day. All medications were skipped on Feb 29. It just says “No history for this day.”


Thanks for replying, @alydhiends! I’m glad that the reminder issue fixed itself. Sometimes the app just needs to be refreshed.

We currently haven’t found any bugs regarding Feb 29th adherence. Would you try signing out of the app and signing back in to sync your Calendar?

Please update me here if this fixes the issue or if you’d still like help.

Thanks again!


@Ivy - I tried logging out and logging back in, but nothing is changed. Feb 29 is still empty. I also tried to play around with the med settings (dates) but nothing worked.

Hi @alydhiends—Thank you for your patience with my reply!

Our App Support Specialist is currently investigating your Calendar issue. Please keep an eye out for a new Inbox message in your CareZone app shortly with further assistance!

To access your Inbox in the app, tap “Home” (bottom left), then tap the “Inbox” tab at the top center of your app screen.

Please keep me updated if I may help with anything else in the meantime. Thank you!


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