CBD? Over oxygenation?

Hello. I don’t get migraines myself, but my cousin has struggled with them for years. I’m curious about a couple methods.

Have any of you tried CBD? How many mg? Oil, pill, or gummies? If it did provide relief, for how long?

Have any of you tried over oxygenating your blood? Either through Wim Hof style deep breathing or maybe just an oxygen mask? Any results?



CBD by itself did nothing for my migraines. When I added THC the pain relief was excellent so I use full spectrum CBD now as an abortive.

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Thanks for the input! Is the amount of THC trace (>0.03%) or is it one with higher amounts that must be purchased from a dispensary?

I use about a 50/50 ratio, but I make my own tincture with CBD isolate from Bluebird Botanicals, and MCT oil which was “cooked” in a MagicButter machine with cannabis.

I grow my own cannabis to make sure of the unadulterated quality of the mix, and because dispensary cannabis is not cheap. I’m in a legal state so I can do this.

Plus, the prices for CBD tincture are way out of line, ever since it got popular with the general public. And there is a lot of carelessly made, adulterated CBD out in the world.

I can make two 2 oz. bottles of 1000 mg CBD for about $30. It would cost as much as $100 or more for a 1 oz. bottle at 1000 mg of CBD from a dispensary.

Lazarus naturals and Absolute Nature CBD give great discounts to veterans, low income and people on disability. It has helped tremendously.

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I’ve tried CBD but it didn’t help. In a strict state di was only able to try with >0.03% THC. Have also tried oxygenation but haven’t gotten any lain relief from it. It’s usually Cluster Headache that benefits from o2 therapy. But hey, worth a try!