CBD oil


That I really don’t know myself


Cbd oil does work. Long ago people grow weed to put big mason jars with rubbing achol. After aweek the achol is used as a ligaments rub shoulder , knee, any where that it hirts . ( do not drink it.) I am 62 yrs age i have tryed alot of different ligament s but i alway come back to CBD oil


Tried the hemp oil and it really worked havoc on my UC. Didn’t really notice any improvement in my arthritis. I have RA, PA, OA and AS., plus spinal stenosis. Can’t take codine so Narco, etc. are out as are all aspirin based pain relievers. Right now I use Gabapentine and morphine


Where do you get this CBD oil or Hemp Oil?


@ vicky Its pritty easy in my state, Pot is legal so any gas station😂 but really ask your doc for a script


Vicky i get mine from Amazon. I cant get out much and recent legislation is taking away the right in my state Louisiana to sell cbd oil or hemp oil. It helps me doesnt take it away completely but makes it tolerable


I tried cbd oil or hemp oil… Did not do anything for me. Still in pain


It doesn’t take the pain completely away plus it takes awhile for the cannabinoids to kick in, like I didn’t see any results until a week later. Yet, I’m still in pain, but I’m off the pain meds, off excedrin. Still in pain, but not where the level of pain where it was. I’m able to cope on 35mg - 50mg per 4 hours of CBD full spectrum. I was taking Charlotte’s Web, but I heard they were going to be partnering with Plexus, and I’m not fond of any MLM (multi level marketing) pyramid scheme. So now I’m taking Luna 1500mg in a 1oz bottle, morning is 25mg, 4 hours later another 25mg. Only problem with CBD oil is that is pricey. The higher dosage you go the more you pay. I also got the gummies and they are about 10mg so when I need a pick me up within the 4 hour time frame, I take one of those and basically savor the flavor because it takes time to kick in your bloodstream if you just chew and swallow. So far so good, but like I said, it did take awhile to kick in. My only drawback is at nighttime because I think CBD oil revs me up rather than slowing me down. So i barely get any rest or sleep on it.


Didn’t work for crap for me


You can order CBD oil from Amazon. I understand that some of the health stores carry it. Major stores are considering carrying it.


CBD oil ; taken before food will shorten it’s working on me. Check meds and foods you r eating as the pain goes away same as pain comes back.
I think you will find a common food


I have trued several brands and strengths I personally am not a fan of it cause i had to use way more tgan tgey say to use abd it is very expensive and didn’t help pain or sleeping


I live in Nevada. So CBD oil is well used.
I have those stiff joints in my body and CBD OIL HELPS alot.


Make sure you watch what you eat before the CBD OIL WILLBE ABSORB IN YOUR BELLY


My son-in-law smokes the weed as it is legal here in California. And it helps with his pain. I tried to smoke it, all it did was burn my throat. I like the edibles better. Is the CBD better than the edibles???


CBD is more health, little to no THC


II am 73 years old and have suffered for a long time from arthritis pain and poor sleep. I have tried the oil, rub ons, and gummies none helped me. I did get my MMJ card (MA.) and use the vape (as prescribed by the examining dr.) it helps considerably for pain. I can sleep with no pain for 6-7 hours each night.


Thank you Patricia…


“You” are in my prayers.


Where can you get CBD at??? I would like to try it. I am always in pain with my arthritis.