CBD oil

Make sure you watch what you eat before the CBD OIL WILLBE ABSORB IN YOUR BELLY

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My son-in-law smokes the weed as it is legal here in California. And it helps with his pain. I tried to smoke it, all it did was burn my throat. I like the edibles better. Is the CBD better than the edibles???

CBD is more health, little to no THC

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II am 73 years old and have suffered for a long time from arthritis pain and poor sleep. I have tried the oil, rub ons, and gummies none helped me. I did get my MMJ card (MA.) and use the vape (as prescribed by the examining dr.) it helps considerably for pain. I can sleep with no pain for 6-7 hours each night.

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Thank you Patricia…

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“You” are in my prayers.


Where can you get CBD at??? I would like to try it. I am always in pain with my arthritis.

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That sounds like me. I’m taking 10 pills just in the morning. And one of those is morphine. And I am still in pain. We got them down to 5 so that I wasn’t taking so many pills and now I am taking more than I was before.

I live in Arizona so do I have to get a prescription for CBD oil or hemp oil

CBD is great if you can use it properly. It’s not one to have in the am each day and not continue through out. It’s a consistent way of health. I have it and my father uses a rill on on his knee daily which has helped him. I’ve been on pain meds for 10 years from a car accident and had a DNA test for meds found out my body doesn’t metabolize them. So best of luck to all. Try it!!

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Where do you get CBD oil from?

I got my from late night ads on my kindle and tablet. Also available on internet. Warning. The “free trial” will start sending you more at about $80 if you don’t cancel within the trial period.

Congratulations, that’s great to hear 👍🏻

I’m sorry to hear that. I truly do not understand why states are trying to outlaw CBD. If it even brings a couple of hours of relief it should be allowed. It’s definitely not addictive or mind altering. It doesn’t cause any altered state of consciousness. Of all things the government needs to be working on and their wasting time doing something like this. Shame

Works well for me. I use it as a cream. Helps with overall pain and imflammation

Vape shop

I have been using CBD oil for a while now. All the claims of it helping you are things I have not experienced yet I will continue to take until my bottle is empty then I will look for other relief elsewhere. I’m kind of disappointed that it really doesn’t seem to be working.

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Mi legal


So what about real weed

Does it help your hands?