Carezone make a vid

I’d like to suggest that Carezone make a video showing how this is supposed to work and look. Everything from this app to watching “you” try to open a dose could be included. If there is one I’ve not seen it. I think just making it could teach y’all about problems you may not be aware of.


Good point


Don’t want to sound odd by the money remark. If CZ makes a video of what it’s supposed to look like they could theoretically tell that story (actor gets package from CZ, unpacks & stores meds. Then they open the packets, taking a day’s doses in compacted time) in 30-60 seconds.

A vid of me doing the same thing would have to be a lot longer. Even compacted, there are too many things to include for the vid to be shorter, including transferring every pill into a plastic pill dispenser every week, and why.

Maybe I’ll approach it like one of those unpacking videos, with many stages of unpacking, right through taking a day’s doses as a CZ customer.

A lot of CZ customers could see themselves in me & be relieved to see & hear it’s not just them, which they already know.

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I have had no problems with this app, even changing phones and phone companies

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I do not use the pharmacy section here because it does not support the VA pharmacy or the VA pharmacy doesn’t support this app, but the rest of this app I like and I would recommend to anyone for tracking your med, or any other healthy tracking you want

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