Caregiver to everyone.... Including me

Does anyone still post on this thread?

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Hmm looks like you found an empty one

There are a few posts… Most are more than a few months old though.

I wonder if anyone ever deletes or takes down the old stuff??

Good question!

You have to wonder when you see things that are up to a year old some times

Yeah. I participate in another forum that is very active but it easy to get sent to a 3 year old thread!

Sometimes you get lost and just forget about answering back

Hi I was wondering the same thing? I usually don’t post I just read. I have pretty much been a caregiver most of my life.

I last posted July

I am a caregiver by career. I work full time on the overnight shift. My husband has severe fibromyalgia. He works full time, mostly from home. He can ride his trike… Sometimes 20 miles in a day. But he can’t walk for long periods of time and he can’t help cook or clean. Or sit in a restaurant. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself and let things get dirty. This week I got a cleaning service… They can help me get some free time back.

I know how you feel. I am a caregiver by profession. And I have also taken care of my husband. After he passed. I have taken care of my boyfriend. And I don’t have time to clean more than half of the time. My place is a wreck

I know the last thing you feel like doing after work is cleaning your own home. It’s sad, right… I worked as a CNA for many years and I worked all 3 shifts at one time or another but I have to say my favorite had to be 3 to 11 it kept me just busy enough all eight hours not too many bosses trying to tell me what needs to get done. I could set a good pace for the night. Then go home relax a little bit and go to bed. I’m still pretty much on that routine to this day and I also have done home care, and med tech on all three shifts. It’s all come such a long way in my life time. Right now my home is a mess my daughter just moved out and I’m waiting for her stuff to get picked up, so I have the room to make my home the way I want my home. But I miss not having my people to go and see. I moved down here and I don’t know anyone and the ones I do know stabbed a knife in my back the last time I was here thus proving they were no friend.

Hugs. Can you do some volunteer work to get out with people?

I don’t have a way to get around I’m in a suburb in Florida

Yes wr fo do

Caregiving is a full-time job hard too find a moment to sure away too part to anything now a days especially depending on the patient you have!

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