Cancer patient with fever

I’ve been having fevers 101.2 last night and its 100.6 right now I’m currently going through chemo.
Should I go to the er or or wait and see if it goes down

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Call your on oncologist


I ran a fever every time I had chemo. My drug of choice was Cisplatin. None of here, however, know your medical history or the details of your treatment plan. Don’t ever ask a stranger what you should do. No stranger can give you a educated answer to a medical question. Always call your doctor. Speak to a nurse. They run most practices anyway. If they need to see you the nurse will let you know.

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I agree contact your doctor. They will definitely want to know if you have a fever. That’s one of the first things oncologist will ask you. Better to be safe. God bless 🙏🏽