Cancer is such a bad things it take you or your family away and there's nothing you can do about it

y mom has breast cancer and i have blood cancer and everything we tryed didn’t help , it takes you away to a place where you just give up , i just want to spend one more christmas with my family , but i’m not sure if me or mom is going to make it…


Just remember you are a pilgrim down here on earth…
…your real home is Heaven. With God and his mother Mary and his angels and Saints…hopefully you’ll have one more Christmas together…if not you will hopefully be in a better place…GO to confession and get holy oils and receive holy communion from a priest so you’ll be ready to enter the arms of Jesus…I will pray for both your souls…God keep you and may he bless you both now and forever Amen


Please look into Clinical Trials. Don’t give up!!!
I’m a living example.Talk to your Oncologidts.