Calculate A1C results


I am a nurse and I love this app for tracking things like blood pressure, weight, medications, and blood glucose readings. I recommend this app to patients.

My suggestion is that within the blood glucose reading options a way to calculate an A1c test be added as this is the number used to determine overall glycemic control. I think it would be a fairly easy addition as all it entails is averaging the blood sugar reading over the past 3 months.

Very thankful for this app in helping patients have a place to record blood sugars and see them on a graph.


Hello—Thank you for your suggestion!

Although there isn’t a way to calculate an A1c test through the app (this specific blood test is measured in a lab), it would be possible for the app to share a three-month average of finger stick glucose levels.

If a three-month blood glucose average is something that would be helpful, please feel free to create a new suggestion to share with others.

Thanks again!

Community Manager

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