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I have chronic Sleep Disorder


I do too. I have found a medication that allows me to get 4 to 6 hours of sleep per night. It took quite a while to find what worked for me. But I had a good psychiatrist that was willing to hang in there with me find what worked.


My Psych did the same thing and I been through countless sleep studies and was even sent to Specialist in Raleigh who suggested adding a catalyst to make my Amitriptyline kick it in and make it work better. THE Catalyst is Mirtazapine 7.5 mg. So I tried it and it worked.


Hi all. My name is Janice and I have been dealing with severe insomnia for about 30 yrs I usually don’t fall asleep much befor 4 or 5 am every morning and Usually get up between 9 or 10. So sleeplessness is more of a pia then it could be. Will check in from time to time. I am 65 and live in North East Pa.

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Hi Susan,
I have also struggled with severe insomnia for many years and over the last year it has gotten progressively worse. I typically cannot fall asleep before 1:00am, then I wake up an average of every 45 minutes all night & sometimes cannot get back to sleep. I get up every morning totally exhausted.
I have had 3 sleep studies which all indicated severe sleep apnea. I have a CPAP machine & every night I faithfully put on my mask, then on my machine & eventually fall asleep…for about 45 minutes, then I have to get out of bed to walk around due to having diabetic neuropathy in my feet.
Sometimes I (unknowingly) remove my CPAP mask in my sleep & wake up without my mask on. So I’m not really getting any benefits from my CPAP machine.
Also, sometimes I will spontaneously wake up to find myself sleeping standing up in another room with no memory of how I got there (location varies but always inside my house, thankfully).
I have a difficult time not falling asleep in meetings at work or when sitting at my desk working on my computer. I actually have fallen asleep in meetings a couple of times & didn’t even realize I had done it until my boss not so kindly informed me. People do not have any sympathy for you when you suffer from sleep apnea plus insomnia & struggle every single day to stay awake during the daytime, especially difficult if you are trying to hold down a job. People think you are just tired because you were out all night having fun, when that couldn’t be further from the truth!
PLEASE, if anyone has any 1 or all of the symptoms I listed, PLEASE let me know how you are dealing with the lack of sleep.
I would give almost anything to just be able to sleep like a normal person!
Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

I had Sleep Apnea surgery in 2009 because I DID NOT WANT TO WEAR A CPAP DEVICE. The surgery was hell but I am NOW SLEEP APNEA FREE AND I DO NOT SNORE ANYMORE. SMARTEST THING I EVER DID…!!!

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This is what I get for posting late night. It has been 40 yrs dealing with most of my health issues including my insomnia.

What is involved in the surgery you mentioned? I am afraid that is the route I may need take to get rid of snoring.

The Surgery is not really that bad. They go into your throat and take out your tonsils, your addionids , and alll the excess skin in the back of your throat THAT CAUSES SNORING. THEN after that your throat hurts and for several days you are only able to eat broth or boullion cubes resolved in warm water… I think I lost about 25 lbs. in three weeks. IT Took me a while to get over the surgery but now that it is done I WOULD NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR IT, NO MORE SLEEP APNEA, NO MORE SNORING. THANK YOU JESUS, I still say it was the most VALUABLE SURGERY IEVER HAD…

Thank you for the information. I just got a dental appliance that seems to work. I still wake up about every three hours, but I’ve been told I didn’t snore last night. Yay!!!

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Charles Barefoot ,

Thank you. So used to not sleeping much all these years I just roll with the flow as they say.