Breast cancer

I am a 20 year breast cancer survivor. Was diagnosed with my first mammogram. Got lucky. Only in the tumor. All lymphnodes we’re Negative. My biggest problem is chemo brought on menopause early. I’ve been dealing with hot flashes for 19 years. The only thing my Dr can prescribe for me is an antidepressant and I’m way too happy for that. I’m using a CBD salve from eBay to help me. Works well.


Thank you for sharing your courageous story.
Prayers, hugs and love.


Congratulations, I am almost 7 years out from colon cancer. Chemo extended my life, only thing seemed to have hit 1000% on side effects. Had no problem with treatments, never sick. Since, my thyroid was distroyed, kidneys damaged, neuropathy increased and recently loosing all my teeth, fair trade I think. Good luck in future😃😁😊


Congrats! My sister was in the same place. And the best thing which heppend to her is a discovery of aromasin. Because the remision whent unbelivebly fast after taking the drug. Check the guide here


You are a warrior woman! My story is very similar. However I wasn’t so lucky. I had a right side mastectomy in 2000 with reconstruction and chemotherapy & radiation. I started having hot flashes too. Then the end of 2007 a small spot on my left lung was discovered. Had surgery & 18 months of chemo. I could not do hormone therapy because I am triple negative. Last chemo was September 2009. I have been doing well thanks to the grace of God and many many prayers from family and friends. Still having flashes, but not as bad since my doctor prescribed Effexor XR (generic name venlafaxine). It’s main purpose is an antidepressant. So you kinda get a 2 for 1 😊. It may not be for everyone so ask your doctor if you are interested. . Of course you can look it up as well. You are in my prayers 🙏🏽.


Hey GF, chemo brought on menopause early. I’ve had hot flashes and night sweats since 1999. Try remifemin for hot flashes. You can get it at Walmart. I also tried menopause salve I got on eBay. God bless you sweetie


Thank you so much! I’ll take a look. I don’t have night sweats but I’ll have one flash after another. Now that warm weather is here, whew!🥵. God bless you sweetheart 🙏🏽. Be well❣️


I’m good. After 19 years of trying to get relief of menopause, I was once told I have my own personal summer. I’m tired of pills. So it is what it is




Congrats! I recently won my breast cancer Battle. But now I’m dealing with hot flashes and anxiety issues. Always something.