Brand new to Diabetes

My mind was blown as my numbers were all over the place. I was told in the hospital of the diabetes. Finally I went to my primary care doc. I explained my concerns. She advisede to my great relief, that since I was in and out of the hospital for COPD, it’s all the Prednisone I was on that Spike’s the numbers. I’m hoping this is the case.


I was on the SAME EXACT STEROID. My A1C went from a 6.1 to a 8.3 so I guarantee it’s the steroids, they are notorious for raising your glucose levels. If you need assistance please feel free 2 contact me. A insulin dependent diabetic, for 20+ years. Have a few tricks of my own if you need help keeping ur # down


Absolutely it is the steroids. I had the same problem when I had to take steroids for my MS.


I think it’s the Steroids too. I had a couple of steroid shots in my cervical spine to ease the pain I was having in my back caused by bone Spurs. It spiked my sugar level.


Steroids ALWAYS increase the blood sugar. It doesn’t make a difference the steroid prednisone, Medrol, hydrocortisone, etc they ALL increase the blood sugar. Even if not diabetic they can raise the blood sugar. It is routine when a person is admitted to the hospital even if normally on steroids and the dose isn’t changed on admission doctors will order the blood sugar to be tested prior to each meal & at bedtime with what is known as sliding scale insulin meaning the nurse has a chart written by the doctor stating if fingerstick blood sugar X give Y units of insulin subcutaneous. Your primary care, or pulmonologist can advise you what to do at home. If you go totally off prednisone you may not need to do anything different than to watch what you are eating. Don’t assume just because you were recently on steroids that it means you’ll always need insulin or even think you’ll have out of control diabetes. Check with your doctor’s. They’ll advise if you’ll need to check your blood sugar at home, or if you’ll need to take any kind of medication.

Diabetes ) hello. I am 63 years old. I have been on victoza 1.8 ml . I lost almost 65 lb , my blood sugar stay below 200… I have high blood pressure, kidney problem, copd also