Brain stem stroke survivor

Howdy fellow Care Zone peeps. I’m from Tucson, Arizona. I had a brain stem stroke September 16th, 2009, in Chattanooga, TN due to my own failure. I was 32.
Time for my PSA.
If you know anyone who “self manipulates,” or forces with their hand, their head to the side in order to “pop” their neck, tell them not to. I used to do that and I caused an aneurysm to form in my vertebral artery. The clot that caused my stroke was created there.
I had surgery on my right eye in October 2010 to remove some blood between my lens and retina. The anesthesiologist there was talking with me about it and the subject came up about what happened. He said that he had heard of that before. Barbers in the Orient have a tendency to “pop” customers’ necks. He said that he had heard about people dying from a stroke right in the barber chair.
PSA done.
I found this app to be VERY helpful as I take meds twice daily and it reminds me. I found out (the hard way) that if I miss my meds, (especially my depression pill,) it has very poor results.
I’m a vet, and as such, I get most of my meds via the VA. I haven’t looked around much. I will be asking questions if I don’t easily find what I’m looking for.