Been 5-6 days staying at home. Crazy already. If this lasts long time. We are all in trouble


I know that feeling its not helping me at all with my depression or anxiety or any of that stuff. My mind doesn’t stop at all. I wish it would. So when your bored have you found anything that helps you relax


Sleeping and eating. Other than that not much

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I been doing the eating part like crazy. I cant sleep wroth anything even when it bedtime i camt sleep

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I usually get to sleep between 3-4am sleep until noon. But you have to get up in night and eat

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Yes it is very

Very Crazy

I’m trying to stay focused and do some much needed cleaning and weeding unnecessary things out. I haven’t accomplished much since I have arthritis in my right hand. Plus I’m frustrated because I don’t have proper plates nor insurance on my van. But I’m determined to get a few bags out this week. I have quit a few clothes to donate.

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All the donation places in my area are closed “at country request” due to pandemic.

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I listen to my favorite praise and worship songs. I get a chance to dance like nobody’s watching since literally, there isn’t 🤗

I agree I hate this crap. Yesterday was my birthday and it sucked

Happy Belated Birthday

What did you do for your Birthday? What do you do for anytime to keep busy or your mind from wandering

Where I am today it’s a rainy cloudy day. That always makes me feel slightly depressed. So that along with the coronavirus and other things that are specific to my life has got me feeling like I don’t want to do anything. My way that helps sometimes on rainy cloudy days is to turn on every light in the house. It takes away the gloom and motivates me to get up and do things. I know it’s not a very scientific way but it works for me.

A very belated happy birthday.

I’ve been in isolation for over 3 weeks now, and yes, cabin fever is starting to set in. I’ve got to start my truck tomorrow, fingers crossed that it will start as it’s been sitting idle all this time. What have I been doing, watching a lot of TV, eating to much. Talking across the Street with my neighbor keeping 12+ ft between us at all times. Doing a little cleaning. Tomorrow I’m going to be making homemade bread for the first time in a couple years, but I am a skilled bake & cook. It’s just this damn rheumatoid arthritis has kept me out of the kitchen for awhile.
Thankfully I have my daughter and son-in-law to take care of my shopping, and other outside errands.

Over 5 weeks isolation already lost my mind 3 times looking for it. I am sure it is vacationing somewhere nice. Doing puzzles, TV, Eating, Sleeping, Repeat. Fibromyalgia has me in severe pain. Pain pills don’t work. Wife in healthcare and works 90+ a week. Take care of my 4 legged children…

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I know what you mean about pain meds, I’m on Lyrica, and a narcotic pain med. Maxed out on both by the current standards, and not getting enough relief to be a fully functional member of society. Due to the COVID-19, my daughter can’t come in and spend as much time on assisting with my housework. At least there’s no one to see the occasional dust bunny that I might have missed. 😉

I think this will be difficult for everybody in their own ways, for me it’s the not working aspect. I’ve gone from working full time to being a full time stay at gone mum, home schooling two children. Its bizarre. But I’m finding the joys in it where I can. :)

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