Borderline Diabetes

I have been diagnosed with borderline diabetes I know nothing about this any information would help thank you


I wish I could help you but I am borderline also and really don’t understand too much. I know that we are considered diabetic even though our glucose can be below 100 when tested. It has to do with our sugar going up high and our body not working properly. With exercise, a proper diet we can lower it. Our enemy is sugar and some carbs.


Hello. I have to be kidney functioning at 55%, and have been warned to keep an eye on it,as I may be pre-diabetic.

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Gd Evening, yu say your Borderline well u hv it,if your mouth is dry all the time that’s one of the signs all I can say is drink plenty of water It’s best for you to exercise.


Borderline Diabetic means your A1c lab value (a 3 month average of your blood glucose level) is at the high end of normal. Usually (if diet is not watched closely) you could get Type 2 Diabetes next. As you grow older usually your glucose level doesn’t drop, instead it keeps rising.

I say usually because my father-in-law is a type 2 diabetic, but he totally controls it with diet changes (less potatoes & corn, less red meat (which he has gout alalso so he should cut down on this), more chicken & fish, and walking about 3 to 5 miles a day.


Yes,my mouth is sometimes dry thank s.For that info!

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I too have been diagnosed prediabetic due to an A1C of 6. A normal persons A1C is less than 6. A type 1 diabetics A1C is usually above 7. I know this because my Father and my Son have type 1, or juvenile, diabetes.
The VA sent me to a diabetic nutrition class. Basically, we need to pay attention to the package labeling and avoid foods that are high in carbs and low in fiber. Anything under 2% fiber is considered too low. Always make sure to eat a balanced meal with equal parts protein, carbs. Lower carbs and fat are preferable. Just be sure to get your protein and exercise. Because of my ailments I find it very difficult to do much exercise, but cutting out sugary sodas and watching my serving sizes has helped me loose 20lbs in two months.
Good luck with your journey and I pray you have success!!

Protein, carbs, and fiber.

Read your lables. They will say it’s sugar but then when you read on down it has a syrup in it which is a no-no. Avoid white potatoes,whire bread,rice. Whatch your fruits. Apple is high in sugar even though it’s a fruit. If your blood sugar goes low then eat some kind of fruit. Like an apple. It will brimg your sugar back up.

You need to change your eating habits right away. Don’t cook anything in oil cook on a george Formanits better for you. Meals should be between 45-60 in carbs. Drink water that’s important reading labels to be aware of carbs and sugars. Also limit sweets and watch salt intake. Water & being active will do amazing things. Good luck. You can do it!

The only information I gan give you is read and read alot. Each book has information the last doesn’t have. Address all your questions to a specialist.

Also I recommend having three consecutive readings done and having a blood test done to determine what type of diabetic you are

Don’t guess on this

Eating correctly and exercise helps me. It really dose not matter on the exercise, though walking and anaerobic activity seems to work the best.

Oh and stay away from Metform, it is poison and will cause heart disease, diabetic neuropathy and vision problems.

Get your mental state in order. It could me through meditation, prayer or other activity to keep you mind clear.

I got my glucose under control to where I am no longer classified as a diabetic and I am off all meds and insulin.

Good luck and God speed.

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