Border line personality disorder

So I just got diagnosed with bi polar II and borderline personality disorder? I read a lot about Bi polar csn some one help me with BPD ? I’m new to all this. I been told for couple years I just suffered from anxiety and depression but after having a crisis then I filling out more.


I been told I have borderline personality too. It’s a personality disorder and bipolar is a chemical imbalance. They are very similar tho. I went to therapy and they helped me explain the difference and they got me into DBT therapy.


I have the exact same things as you and I just got dignosed last year and I’m still new two

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They told me I should do that kind of therapy too. I jsut remember. Thst

There is a book called “I Hate You Dont Leave Me” that is about a womens personal journey with Borderline personality Disorder.

My therapist calls BPD trauma disorder. Its caused by trauma

Welcome 2 tha borderline club

It’s been a new diagnosis of mine they think does it go away?