Bone Scan

Has anyone had Nuclear Bone Scan on hips


I’ve had a bone scan of my hip bone its nothing. They did it to me when I was on a antacid. Like Nexitum. I loved that stuff. But it also was found to be blocking the bone building calcium from the bones of the people taking it over an extended period of time so. To C.T.A. they took me off of the best acid reflux med I ever had and did the scan. That is why mine was done. Hopefully yours is for just as useless reasons. And nothing serous is wrong. 🙏


It’s a breeze, hardest part is the wait after injection. Good luck


Walt is 3 hours. Will eat while waiting.


I have had a bone scan, never a nuclear bone scan. I do not know the difference.

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I had one done a few months ago. Very simple procedure.

I will say this: Nuclear bone scans are typically used to detect cancer, so if it’s for another purpose let the technician know!
Mine did not and put in her report that nothing of concern was found since I was cancer-free, unaware the scan was meant to look at my spine and other joints. It took many weeks before someone realized the mistake.

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Nuclear is where they insert a dye

Mine is for loosening of hip or infection. I will let technician know.

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My CT Scan came back normal.