Blood Thinners

I had “shower” strokes in 2009. They put me on Aggrenox blood thinners. But they have destroyed my skin on arms and hands. All of my doctors know about it, but they say I have to keep taking them. It’s so embarrassing. People are always asking what happened to ur hands and arms. Does anyone have a remedy for this condition.

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What did you do?

I am taking blood thinners

I take blood thinners and I take my own blood pressure, everyday and temperature and oxygen, to keep track of my own I own a record from myself and I’m good.

The thing that I have going on is my walking, I am praying everyday for a blessing to walk, again, I was running before my stroke. The gift he gave me was my life back after the coma, and giving me the honor of waking up to see face of my daughter in the room with me holding my hand.
That was in the second gift from God, the Lord Jesus Christ gave me the first gift, of life, like Lazarus, I’m not the last person you here about being alive by the Lord grace and mercy 🙏 Hallelujah 🙏😇 Amen

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I don’t understand how this pertains to eliviating blood thinner spots on skin??

I am so sorry. I am a heart patient, too. The pic that I attached is from an episode that I had when my INR was out of sorts. This is a bruise that started on my upper inner thigh. It was initially very small but then it spread all the way down my leg. I went to the ER because we were concerned about blood clots. The ER doc initially didn’t know what the heck it was or why it was happening. Then all of a sudden he called it a “spontaneous bleed” and treated it as it was no big deal. So 1st thing Monday morning I saw my cardiologist and then my rheumatologist. Initially they both seemed a little caught off guard, but once I shared what the ER doc called it they quickly agreed that it was a “spontaneous bleed”. Thankfully I didn’t have a blood clot. It took forever for the bruise to go away and actually 2 months later there is still some bruising and I know how lost some sensations on the front of my leg.

The “spontaneous bleed” was by far the worst bruise that I’ve had but I too get lots of noticeable bruises on arms, legs etc. People stare and/or ask me “what happened?”. I discussed it with my docs but it never seems to be of any concern. Ok, fine, but would it be of importance if they had to live with it? And I’ve been told that there’s no reason to be concerned as far as health goes, but my thoughts are “how can this not be an indication of my health or how my body is responding”

Anyways, I hope you find the answers you are seeking. Best wishes sent your way too :)

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I only saw your arms, I didn’t see your legs, I will pray for you about your challenges and issues and pain and struggles, I how you feel.

I have many of the same issues but I have the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 on my side to help me overcome these things from his word the Bible,
I have survived many challenges with the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏😇 help, that’s why I am here on this page.
I just want to say I love you, I don’t know but just wanted to say sorry sorry sorry, for everything you are going through. Jesus Christ is with you and he can turn everything is going to be alright, just ask him to help you with your issues and challenges and struggles and he will.

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