Blood Sugar Average

Is it possible to get an average for blood sugar entries on the tracker tab of this app?


If you tap on trackers i think there is a chart.


Good question and good idea. I have been just running them in my head or using my A1C. This would be a great addition if it is not here alteady.


The chart does not average, but just shows you your past numbers.

I also wish you can average by time of day. I test 4 times a day and it would be good to see my average for each time I test (morning, afternoon, dinner and night)

I hope the come up with something.


Thanks I seen that but is it the same as the A1C? Do you get the A1C from posting the averages?
Thanks again for your information

The best way to track is look at the patterns of spikes and when you do really well in a day and try to control any spike… monitor fasting, pre and post meals. I did it almost 8x a day and imagine pricking 8x a day on your fingers. I think Abbott has a device that can monitor 24 hours.

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Yes, they just added that.

Don’t know if this helps but I switched several months ago to a CVS brand monitor that links via bluetooth to an app on my phone which automatically pulls in the data and all you’ve got to do is verify the meal and before or after and the rest is done for you, averages and everything. You can even look at your readings in a logbook form if you want. Good for dealing with doctors.