Bipolar Disorder 2


I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for a while now. Can’t remember how long actually because initially it was postpartum depression and anxiety issues then through therapy I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 2 depressive type. I never really had extreme manic phases just the depression mostly. After years of therapy and a weak suicide attempt I’m doing so much better. That was 7 years ago. With frequent therapy (even when I’m not having symptoms, my husband believes in maintenance), exercise, meditation, eating right and taking my medications I am doing really well. Three years ago I was able to go back to work as an RN in a rehab facility. Lower stress than the hospital and really rewarding. I am truly blessed. I just wanted to share my positive outcome because I want everyone suffering to know it can happen. I take it one day at a time and really control my thoughts. I know I can self sabotage at any given moment and I consciously don’t allow that to take place. I don’t really have any close friends because they don’t stick around when it comes to mental illness. My husband has been my rock and is my true best friend. He never gave up on me and neither did my kids. I don’t share my “stuff” with people anymore because people usually let me down. Plus it’s really none of anyone’s business anyway. I’m sharing here because I really want people to know it can get better. I just wish I had girlfriends that didn’t give up on me.

Bipolar 2

I haven’t been diagnosed with bipolar but have wondered on occasion.
I do deal with some major depression issues and I hear you loud and clear on the friends problem. Maybe we could be crazy together. 😆


I have found humor to be a life and mental health saver. Can get extremely difficult at times.


I am hesitant to use the word crazy. I believe everyone has “stuff” and deal with their stuff accordingly. I used to feel crazy but I don’t anymore. I’m ok with my emotions. They’re scary because I’m afraid when I express anger or frustration that my family will leave me and they assure me they won’t. I guess that’s the crazy. So many (friends/aquaintences) have left me I guess I may have abandonment issues. So long story short we can go crazy together. Life is hard. Let’s make it easier on one another.


Sounds good to me. I use the word “crazy” lightly. Sometimes crazy can be fun.


Its suck being bipolar i have a lot of health problems I am 31 years old I have seizures thyroid problems bipolar PSD and diabetic 2 and I have nightmares why can not sleep where I go on four days not sleeping it is really hard to deal with all these problems and the people you love the most sometimes don’t understand but they still love you anyways my children had been through it with me for a while now I was never like this when I was younger so if you guys have any suggestions to help I would appreciate it


First see your doctor and get the right dosage of medcation u need i have nightmares to and i am 45 years young i also have a lot of health problems to but u my have to see a therapist to get help


I will definitely be praying for you and your kids. I was once exactly where you are and am now 61. There is light at the end of the tunnel. My kids turned out fine. They are healthy, productive, well adjusted adults. Don’t worry about your kids. As for you, little by little dealing with your health issues becomes manageable, lots and lots of prayer helped me as well as the support of friends at church. If that is not your route find friends that support you even if they don’t quite understand. And you always have us!


I have been on meds for 5 years and sometimes it’s hard to deal with it my husband gets the end of the stick well it’s hard for him to understand but he sticks with me


Definitely get a good psychiatrist. I used to tell my husband that I felt like a chemistry experiment because we had tried so many different meds and different combinations of meds. Not to mention the times we found a good combination and then they stop being effective. It’s a hard road but this is my road and I own it. I’m responsible for how I handle this and I hold myself accountable because I don’t want to disappoint my family. You can do this. If I can pull myself from the depths you can. Baby steps, one moment at a time, one day at a time. I am here if you need to vent.