Bipolar 2 & PTSD


I was wondering if I could get peoples thoughts on Bupropion or WellButrin in treating Bipolar2? Also has anyone had major leg swelling from sertraline and bupropion medications?


My daughter couldn’t take Wellbutrin but she only has the PTSD, not the Bipolar.


Hi there. I’m bipolar one and didn’t do well on Wellbutron. I put it on,my list of allergies…the first one if that’s lithium I would NEVER take that. You will gain so,much weight.
They tell you it will help you and it might if you don’t mind gaining 80 lbs along the way.
I would never take either of those meds…


On both and it works. But ready for new meds.


I don’t have bipolarity, but I did take Wellbutrin to quit smoking and it does help with that, but be prepared for weight gain. Like a lot of weight gain, not 20 pounds but like 50+.


I never thought they worked


I take Efexor for my PTSD none of the other meds I’ve tried worked.


I have been taking both for a few years now and they work good. I am also on Triliptal for the bipolar.


A friend of mine just told me she takes Wellbutrin and it works for her bipolar PTSD


I’m type 2 as well and took both of those meds. I did notice a small amount of swelling in my feet, but ultimately dr took me off bupropion because it can increase anxiety and anxiety is an issue for me.


Wellbutrin is really great to help with quitting smoking. I was on it for a while and it makes you feel no emotional feelings at time, you just go day by day. I prefer Celexa 40mg


Ive been on many meds over the past 27 years. Wellbutrin (im on a fairly high dose) helps some with ADHD and depression it does increase anxiety slightly. As side effect i did quit smoking 3 yrs ago with no withdrawal. - but can work different for different people


I take it and it seem to help


I take welburtin for my bipolar 2 it seems to help. I also have ptsd schizophrenia affective disorder anxiety and panic disorders. Some days its l i can do it put one foot in front of another. I have leg swelling but dont know if its from the welbutrin. Had swelling b4 welbutrin but seems worse.